Controlling NI VeriStand Projects With the Stimulus Profile Editor

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With the NI VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor, you can perform NI VeriStand project control. It automates the entire testing process by opening and deploying a project, running a series of real-time sequences, and then undeploying and closing the project.

Performing NI VeriStand Project Control From the Stimulus Profile Editor

All of the project control functions in the NI VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor are located in the VeriStand Project Control folder of the Steps window. To open and control an NI VeriStand project, follow these steps:


  1. Drag the Open VeriStand Project step into the profile window.    
    1. Click on the folder icon and navigate to the project that you want to open.
    2. If you want to open the NI VeriStand project window, check the Show Project check box.
    3. If you are implementing user access control into your NI VeriStand project, you can enter the user name and password for the project in the security menu.
  2. Drag the Run Active VeriStand Project step into the profile window.
    1. Select the action that you want to take. Choose between Run, Connect, Disconnect, Deploy, and Undeploy. Learn about the differences between these options in the NI VeriStand Help.
  3. [Optional] You can also open and close the workspace programmatically using the Open VeriStand Workspace and Close VeriStand Workspace steps.
  4. Once you are done testing and have completed your stimulus profile, you can close the project by dragging the Close Active VeriStand Project step into the profile window.  


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