Tinker, Learn, and Do Engineering With NI myDAQ

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These hands-on experiments demonstrate the wide-ranging possibilities of using NI MyDAQ, a portable data acquisition system that connects to a computer or laptop with a USB cable, providing a portal into the analog or digital world of measurement and control.

The experiments cover a wide range of topics including analog and digital circuits, sensors and signal processing of audio sound tracks. While entertaining, the experiments also reveal the many useful features of myDAQ and NI ELVISmx software VIs and instruments. Once users have tried these experiments, they may find themselves tinkering and creating their own, unique ways to use myDAQ.

Download Full Manual (12 MB)

Table of Contents

Topics Covered

Lab 1: DC Measurements (R, V, I)
Lab 2: AC Measurements - Capacitors and Inductors
Lab 3: Touchless Electronic Lock
Lab 4: Photogate Fun
Lab 5: Digital IO - Bits, Nybbles, and Bytes
Lab 6: Simon Says - 16 Push-Button Matrix Keyboard
Lab 7: Let's Make a Little Noise
Lab 8: Soda Bottle Symphony
Lab 9: Karaoke Circuits
Lab 10: Optical Theremin


Download Contains

Full Lab Exercise Manual PDF

LabVIEW Project Files


Required Software


NI ELVISmx Device Driver


Required Hardware



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