Archived: NI PXI(e)-8109/33 Flex Cable Replacement

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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

This tutorial overviews the flex cable replacement process for the NI PXI-8019 and NI PXIe-8133 embedded controllers.

The following video is a resource demonstrating the flex cable replacement process for an NI PXI-8109 or PXIe-8133 embedded controller.

Before starting any flex cable replacement, please reference the NI PXI-8109 and NI PXIe-8133 Flex Cable Replacement Installation Guide.


After completing the installation of the new flex cable, check to ensure that the connecters on both end of the cable are firmly connected with the mating connectors on the embedded controller. See images 1 through 4 below for examples of properly and improperly connected cables.

Image 1: Properly Connected Flex Cable Connection


Image 2: Improperly Connected Flex Cable Connection (right side not fully connected)


Image 3: Side View of a Properly Connected Flex Cable Connection


Image 4: Side View of an Improperly Installed Flex Cable (connector tilted)


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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

  - May 29, 2012

It would be nice to know how the cable is defective. Is the defect in the connector's solder connection or the flex cable assembly? What was the mechanism that triggered the failure? Our controller was operating for about 12 months and then it started trying to reboot on it's own and can never accomplish the process.

Document missing flex cable part numbers  - Mar 30, 2012

I mixed up the old and new cables and had to call for support to figure out which is which since this document didn't include the part numbers. Here is what I was told: Affected Flex Cable Part Number SCF- 142653-01-HFHM-R1 Replacement Flex Cable Part Number SCF-164701-01-HFHM

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