Using DataPlugins with LabVIEW

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DataPlugins can be used to read many different kind of custom file formats. At National Instruments has published free downloadable DataPlugins for hundreds of the most commonly used data file formats.

Within LabVIEW 2010 you find everything you need to work with DataPlugins on the Storage/DataPlugin palette:



Use the Open Data Storage Express VI to open any file a DataPlugin is installed on your computer. You can either define the DataPlugin, choose one form the configuration dialog or let the Open Storage automatically detect the storage format:


Configure Open Data Storage Dialog


Use the Read Data or Get Properties Express VI to access the data stored in the file. You can also use the Data File Viewer Express VI to interactively inspect the data.


On the Manage DataPlugin sub-palette you find all you need to list and manage DataPlugins installed on your computer.


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  - Jul 21, 2011

How to add data plugin to stand-alone application? I use Comtrade plugin and it works at machine with LabVIEW installed, but when I create stand-alone app on computer without LabVIEW (just runtime- engine), comtrade files can't load.

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