Standard to IPC Lookup Table

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The following table is a lookup guide between industry-standard package naming and the IPC-7351 naming convention as used in Ultiboard.

Ultiboard 11 introduces over 1500 new IPC-compliant surface mount technology (SMT) land patterns, which conform to all aspects of the IPC-7351 Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard, including the naming convention. The following table is provided as a means to map standard JEDEC package dimensions to the corresponding IPC-7351 equivalents.

To read more about the new land patterns added in Ultiboard 11.0.1, consult the article Prototype Faster with Over 1500 New Land Patterns in Ultiboard 11.0.1.

Table of Contents

  1. IPC-Naming Convention
  2. JEDEC to IPC Lookup Table
  3. EIA-to-IPC Lookup Table

1. IPC-Naming Convention

Beginning in Ultiboard 10, all new land patterns follow the IPC-7351 Naming Convention as outlined by the IPC-7351 Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard. For example, a small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package would follow the following format:

SOIC127P + Lead Span Nominal X Height - Pin Qty

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2. JEDEC to IPC Lookup Table

The following is a lookup table between JEDEC packages and the IPC equivalent within the Ultiboard database. Note: Package and land pattern dimensions should be verified before use. For package dimensions, consult the free PCB Matrix Land Pattern Viewer (SMN7351B library) which contain package data for all land patterns outlined in this article

JEDEC MO-013AC SOIC127P1028X265-20N
JEDEC MO-013AC SOIC127P1032X265-20N
JEDEC MO-013AD SOIC127P1032X265-24N
JEDEC MO-013AE SOIC127P1038X265-28N
JEDEC MO-022BA QFP100P1720X1720X220-52N
JEDEC MO-022GC-1 QFP65P1720X2320X340-100N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP40P1600X1600X120-129N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP40P900X900X120-65N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP50P1290X1290X120-64N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP50P1400X1400X120-81N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP50P2600X2600X160-177N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP50P3000X3000X160-209N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP65P1760X2360X310-100N
JEDEC MO-026 QFP80P1600X1600X145-64N
JEDEC MO-047AA PLCC127P990X990X457-20N
JEDEC MO-047AB PLCC127P1244X1244X457-28N
JEDEC MO-047AC PLCC127P1752X1752X457-44N
JEDEC MO-047AD PLCC127P2007X2007X508-52N
JEDEC MO-047AE PLCC127P2514X2514X508-68N
JEDEC MO-047AF PLCC127P3022X3022X508-84N
JEDEC MO-047AG PLCC127P3530X3530X508-100N
JEDEC MO-047AH PLCC127P4292X4292X508-124N
JEDEC MO-059AC SOIC127P1194X253-28N
JEDEC MO-084AA CQFP127P1727X1727X492-36N
JEDEC MO-084AB CQFP127P1981X1981X492-44N
JEDEC MO-084AC CQFP127P2235X2235X492-52N
JEDEC MO-084AD CQFP127P2743X2743X492-68N
JEDEC MO-084AE CQFP127P3251X3251X492-84N
JEDEC MO-084AF CQFP127P3759X3759X492-100N
JEDEC MO-104AA CQFP63P2743X2743X355-132N
JEDEC MO-108AA-1 QFP80P1320X1320X200-44N
JEDEC MO-108AC-1 QFP65P1320X1320X210-52BN
JEDEC MO-108BF-1 QFP65P1720X1720X340-80N
JEDEC MO-108CB-1 QFP80P1724X2324X315-80N
JEDEC MO-112AA-1 QFP80P1390X1390X245-44N
JEDEC MO-112AC-1 QFP65P1390X1390X245-52N
JEDEC MO-114AA CQFP80P3120X3120X406-120N
JEDEC MO-114AB CQFP80P3120X3120X406-128N
JEDEC MO-118, SOT371-1 SOP63P1025X280-56N
JEDEC MO-118AA SOP63P1035X274-48N
JEDEC MO-118AA SOP63P1035X279-48N
JEDEC MO-118AA, SOT370-1 SOP63P1025X280-48N
JEDEC MO-118AB SOP63P1035X274-56N
JEDEC MO-118AB SOP63P1035X279-56N
JEDEC MO-118AC SOP63P1035X279-28N
JEDEC MO-118AD SOP63P1035X279-64N
JEDEC MO-119AA SOIC127P1047X264-24N
JEDEC MO-119AB SOIC127P1047X264-28N
JEDEC MO-119AC SOIC127P1047X264-32N
JEDEC MO-119AD SOIC127P1047X264-36N
JEDEC MO-120AA SOIC127P1199X264-24N
JEDEC MO-120AB SOIC127P1199X264-28N
JEDEC MO-120AC SOIC127P1199X264-32N
JEDEC MO-120AD SOIC127P1199X264-36N
JEDEC MO-135 QFP80P900X900X160-32AN
JEDEC MO-136 QFP50P1600X1600X160-100AN
JEDEC MO-137AB SOP63P600X160-20N
JEDEC MO-137AB SOP63P600X175-16AN
JEDEC MO-137AB SOP63P600X175-16N
JEDEC MO-137AB SOP63P602X173-16N
JEDEC MO-137AD SOP63P600X160-24N
JEDEC MO-137AD SOP63P600X175-20AN
JEDEC MO-137AD SOP63P600X175-20N
JEDEC MO-137AD SOP63P602X173-20N
JEDEC MO-137AE SOP63P600X160-28N
JEDEC MO-137AE SOP63P600X175-24N
JEDEC MO-137AE SOP63P602X173-24N
JEDEC MO-137AE SOP65P1000X120-32N
JEDEC MO-137AF SOP63P600X175-28N
JEDEC MO-137AF SOP63P602X173-28N
JEDEC MO-142DD SOP50P2000X120-48N
JEDEC MO-143CA QFP50P1660X1660X210-100N
JEDEC MO-143FA-1 QFP50P3060X3060X360-208N
JEDEC MO-143GA QFP50P3460X3460X410-240N
JEDEC MO-143JA QFP50P4260X4260X423-304N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P775X200-14N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P775X200-16N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P775X200-20N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P775X200-24N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P775X200-28N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P778X199-14N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P778X199-16N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P778X199-20N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P778X199-24N
JEDEC MO-150 SOP65P778X199-28N
JEDEC MO-150AA SOP65P780X200-8N
JEDEC MO-150AB SOP65P780X200-14N
JEDEC MO-150AC SOP65P780X200-16N
JEDEC MO-150AD SOP65P780X200-18N
JEDEC MO-150AE SOP65P780X200-20N
JEDEC MO-150AF SOP65P780X200-22N
JEDEC MO-150AG SOP65P780X200-24N
JEDEC MO-150AH SOP65P780X200-28N
JEDEC MO-150AJ SOP65P780X200-30N
JEDEC MO-150AK SOP65P780X200-38N
JEDEC MO-152 SOP65P640X150-16N
JEDEC MO-152 SOP65P640X150-20N
JEDEC MO-153 SOP40P640X120-21N
JEDEC MO-153 SOP40P640X120-57N
JEDEC MO-153 SOP65P810X120-39AN
JEDEC MO-153 SOP65P810X120-39BN
JEDEC MO-153AA SOP65P640X110-8N
JEDEC MO-153AA SOP65P640X120-8N
JEDEC MO-153AAT SOP65P640X120-9N
JEDEC MO-153AB SOP65P640X110-14N
JEDEC MO-153AB SOP65P640X110-17AN
JEDEC MO-153AB SOP65P640X120-16N
JEDEC MO-153AB SOP65P640X140-16N
JEDEC MO-153AB-1 SOP65P640X120-14N
JEDEC MO-153ABT SOP65P638X110-21N
JEDEC MO-153ABT SOP65P640X110-16N
JEDEC MO-153ABT SOP65P640X110-17N
JEDEC MO-153ABT SOP65P640X120-17AN
JEDEC MO-153ABT SOP65P640X120-17N
JEDEC MO-153ABT-1 SOP65P638X110-17N
JEDEC MO-153ABT-1 SOP65P640X120-15N
JEDEC MO-153AC SOP65P640X110-20N
JEDEC MO-153AC SOP65P640X110-21AN
JEDEC MO-153AC SOP65P640X120-20AN
JEDEC MO-153AC SOP65P640X120-20N
JEDEC MO-153ACT SOP65P638X110-29N
JEDEC MO-153ACT SOP65P640X110-24N
JEDEC MO-153ACT SOP65P640X120-21N
JEDEC MO-153AD SOP65P640X110-25N
JEDEC MO-153AD SOP65P640X120-24N
JEDEC MO-153ADT SOP65P640X120-25N
JEDEC MO-153AE SOP65P640X120-28N
JEDEC MO-153AET SOP65P640X110-14AN
JEDEC MO-153AET SOP65P640X110-29N
JEDEC MO-153AET SOP65P640X120-29CN
JEDEC MO-153AET SOP65P640X120-29N
JEDEC MO-153BA SOP50P640X120-20N
JEDEC MO-153BAT SOP50P640X120-21N
JEDEC MO-153BB SOP50P640X120-24N
JEDEC MO-153BBT SOP50P640X120-25N
JEDEC MO-153BC SOP50P640X120-28N
JEDEC MO-153BC-1 SOP50P640X120-30N
JEDEC MO-153BCT SOP50P640X120-29N
JEDEC MO-153BCT-1 SOP50P640X120-31N
JEDEC MO-153BD SOP50P640X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153BD-1 SOP50P640X110-38N
JEDEC MO-153BD-1 SOP50P640X120-38N
JEDEC MO-153BDT SOP50P640X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153BDT-1 SOP50P640X120-39N
JEDEC MO-153BE SOP50P640X120-44N
JEDEC MO-153BET SOP50P640X120-45N
JEDEC MO-153BF SOP50P640X120-50N
JEDEC MO-153BFT SOP50P640X120-51N
JEDEC MO-153CA SOP40P640X120-24N
JEDEC MO-153CA SOP40P640X127-24N
JEDEC MO-153CAT SOP40P640X120-25N
JEDEC MO-153CB SOP40P640X120-32N
JEDEC MO-153CBT SOP40P640X120-33N
JEDEC MO-153CC SOP40P640X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153CCT SOP40P640X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153CD SOP40P640X120-48N
JEDEC MO-153CD SOP40P640X127-48N
JEDEC MO-153CDT SOP40P640X120-49N
JEDEC MO-153DA SOP65P810X120-24N
JEDEC MO-153DB SOP65P810X120-28N
JEDEC MO-153DB-1 SOP65P810X120-30N
JEDEC MO-153DBT SOP65P810X110-29N
JEDEC MO-153DBT SOP65P810X120-29N
JEDEC MO-153DBT-1 SOP65P810X120-31N
JEDEC MO-153DC SOP65P810X120-32N
JEDEC MO-153DCT SOP65P810X120-33N
JEDEC MO-153DD SOP65P810X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153DD-1 SOP65P810X120-38N
JEDEC MO-153DDT SOP65P810X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153DDT-1 SOP65P810X120-39N
JEDEC MO-153DE SOP65P810X120-40N
JEDEC MO-153DET SOP65P810X120-41N
JEDEC MO-153EA SOP50P810X120-28N
JEDEC MO-153EAT SOP50P810X120-29N
JEDEC MO-153EB SOP50P810X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153EBT SOP50P810X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153EC SOP50P810X120-40N
JEDEC MO-153EC-1 SOP50P810X120-44N
JEDEC MO-153ECT SOP50P810X120-41N
JEDEC MO-153ECT-1 SOP50P810X120-45N
JEDEC MO-153ED SOP50P810X120-48N
JEDEC MO-153EDT SOP50P810X120-49N
JEDEC MO-153EE SOP50P810X120-56N
JEDEC MO-153EET SOP50P810X120-57N
JEDEC MO-153EF SOP50P810X120-64N
JEDEC MO-153EFT SOP50P810X110-65N
JEDEC MO-153EFT SOP50P810X120-65N
JEDEC MO-153FA SOP40P810X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153FAT SOP40P810X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153FB SOP40P810X120-48N
JEDEC MO-153FBT SOP40P810X120-49N
JEDEC MO-153FC SOP40P810X120-52N
JEDEC MO-153FCT SOP40P810X120-53N
JEDEC MO-153FD SOP40P810X120-56N
JEDEC MO-153FDT SOP40P810X120-57N
JEDEC MO-153FE SOP40P810X120-64N
JEDEC MO-153FET SOP40P810X120-65N
JEDEC MO-153FF SOP40P810X120-80N
JEDEC MO-153FFT SOP40P810X120-81N
JEDEC MO-153GB SOP65P1000X120-33N
JEDEC MO-153GBT SOP65P1000X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153GC SOP65P1000X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153GCT SOP65P1000X120-40N
JEDEC MO-153GD SOP65P1000X120-41N
JEDEC MO-153HA SOP50P1000X120-36N
JEDEC MO-153HAT SOP50P1000X120-37N
JEDEC MO-153HB SOP50P1000X120-40N
JEDEC MO-153HBT SOP50P1000X120-41N
JEDEC MO-153HC SOP50P1000X120-48N
JEDEC MO-153HCT SOP50P1000X120-49N
JEDEC MO-153HD SOP50P1000X120-56N
JEDEC MO-153HDT SOP50P1000X120-57N
JEDEC MO-153JA SOP40P1000X120-48N
JEDEC MO-153JAT SOP40P1000X120-49N
JEDEC MO-153JB SOP40P1000X120-52N
JEDEC MO-153JBT SOP40P1000X120-53N
JEDEC MO-153JC SOP40P1000X120-56N
JEDEC MO-153JC-1 SOP40P1000X120-60N
JEDEC MO-153JCT SOP40P1000X120-57N
JEDEC MO-153JCT-1 SOP40P1000X120-61N
JEDEC MO-153JD SOP40P1000X120-64N
JEDEC MO-153JD-1 SOP40P1000X120-68N
JEDEC MO-153JDT SOP40P1000X120-65N
JEDEC MO-153JDT-1 SOP40P1000X120-69N
JEDEC MO-154AB SOP50P600X200-40N
JEDEC MO-154BB SOP50P600X200-80N
JEDEC MO-166AA SOIC127P1420X360-21N
JEDEC MO-166AB SOIC127P1420X360-21AN
JEDEC MO-166AC SOP100P1420X360-25N
JEDEC MO-166AD SOP80P1420X360-31N
JEDEC MO-166AE SOP65P1420X360-37N
JEDEC MO-166AF SOP65P1420X360-45N
JEDEC MO-169 TO127P1524X465-8N
JEDEC MO-169 TO170P1524X465-6N
JEDEC MO-169 TO254P1524X465-4N
JEDEC MO-169AA TO254P1410X464-4N
JEDEC MO-169AA TO254P1420X465-4N
JEDEC MO-169AB TO170P1410X464-6N
JEDEC MO-169AB TO170P1420X465-6N
JEDEC MO-169AC TO127P1410X464-8N
JEDEC MO-169AD TO170P1600X465-12N
JEDEC MO-169AE TO127P1600X465-16N
JEDEC MO-169BA TO254P1055X205-4N
JEDEC MO-169BB TO170P1055X205-6N
JEDEC MO-169BC TO127P1055X205-8N
JEDEC MO-169BD TO191P1117X205-10N
JEDEC MO-178 SOT95P280X115-6N
JEDEC MO-178 SOT95P280X135-5N
JEDEC MO-178AA SOT95P280X145-5N
JEDEC MO-178AA, SOT23-5 SOT95P284X122-5N
JEDEC MO-178AB SOT95P280X145-6AN
JEDEC MO-178AB SOT95P280X145-6N
JEDEC MO-178AB, SOT23-6 SOT95P284X122-6N
JEDEC MO-178BA SOT65P280X145-8AN
JEDEC MO-187AA SOP65P490X110-8AN
JEDEC MO-187AA SOP65P490X110-8N
JEDEC MO-187AA SOP65P490X95-8N
JEDEC MO-187AA SOP65P638X110-15N
JEDEC MO-187AA-T SOP65P490X110-9N
JEDEC MO-187AA-T SOP65P490X94-8N
JEDEC MO-187BA SOP50P490X109-10N
JEDEC MO-187BA SOP50P490X110-10AN
JEDEC MO-187BA SOP50P490X110-10N
JEDEC MO-187BA SOP50P490X95-10N
JEDEC MO-187BA-T SOP50P490X110-11AN
JEDEC MO-187BA-T SOP50P490X110-11N
JEDEC MO-187CA SOP50P310X100-8N
JEDEC MO-187CA SOP50P310X90-8N
JEDEC MO-187DA SOP65P400X135-8N
JEDEC MO-187DA SOP65P488X107-9N
JEDEC MO-193AA SOT95P280X110-6N
JEDEC MO-193AA, SOT23-6 SOT95P285X90-6N
JEDEC MO-193AB SOT95P280X110-5N
JEDEC MO-193BA SOT65P275X110-8N
JEDEC MO-193BA SOT65P280X145-8N
JEDEC MO-194AF SOP40P640X120-56N
JEDEC MO-203AA, SOT353 SOT65P210X110-5N
JEDEC MO-203AB, SOT363 SOT65P210X110-6N
JEDEC MO-203BA SOT50P210X110-8N
JEDEC MO-208ECEA-1 PQFN50P350X450X114-24N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN40P400X400X80-29N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN40P500X500X80-41N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN40P600X600X80-49N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN40P700X700X80-57N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P1000X1000X100-69AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P1000X1000X100-69BN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P1000X1000X100-69N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P300X300X100-13N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P300X300X100-17AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P300X300X80-13N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P300X300X80-17N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P400X400X100-21AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P400X400X100-25N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P400X400X80-21N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P400X400X80-25AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X500X100-29AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X500X100-33AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X500X100-33N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X500X80-29N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X500X80-33N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P500X700X80-39AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P600X600X100-37AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P600X600X100-41N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P600X600X80-37N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P600X600X80-41N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P700X700X100-45N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P700X700X100-49AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P700X700X100-49BN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P700X700X80-45N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P700X700X80-49N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P800X600X80-49N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P800X800X100-53N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P800X800X100-57BN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN50P800X800X80-57N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P400X400X100-17BN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P400X400X80-17N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P500X500X100-21AN
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P500X500X80-21N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P700X700X100-33N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN65P700X700X80-33N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN80P400X400X100-13N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN80P400X400X80-13N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN80P500X500X100-17N
JEDEC MO-220 QFN80P500X500X80-17N
JEDEC MO-220VCCD QFN50P200X200X100-9VN
JEDEC MO-220VEEC QFN65P300X300X100-9VN
JEDEC MO-220VEEC-1 QFN65P300X300X100-13V1N
JEDEC MO-220VEEC-2 QFN65P300X300X100-9V2N
JEDEC MO-220VEEC-3 QFN65P300X300X100-9V3N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-1 QFN50P300X300X100-13V1N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-2 QFN50P300X300X100-17CN
JEDEC MO-220VEED-2 QFN50P300X300X100-17V2N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-3 QFN50P300X300X100-13V3N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-4 QFN50P300X300X100-17V4N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-5 QFN50P300X300X100-13V5N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-6 QFN50P300X300X100-17V6N
JEDEC MO-220VEED-7 QFN50P300X300X100-17V7N
JEDEC MO-220VFFD QFN50P350X350X100-21VN
JEDEC MO-220VFSD QFN50P350X450X100-25VN
JEDEC MO-220VGEB QFN80P400X300X100-9VN
JEDEC MO-220VGEC QFN65P400X300X100-13VN
JEDEC MO-220VGED QFN50P400X300X100-17VN
JEDEC MO-220VGGB QFN80P400X400X100-13VN
JEDEC MO-220VGGC QFN65P400X400X100-17VN
JEDEC MO-220VGGC-1 QFN65P400X400X100-13V1N
JEDEC MO-220VGGC-2 QFN65P400X400X100-17V2N
JEDEC MO-220VGGC-3 QFN65P400X400X100-17V3N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-1 QFN50P400X400X100-21V1N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-2 PQFN50P400X400X100-25N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-2 QFN50P400X400X100-25V2N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-5 QFN50P400X400X100-21V5N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-6 QFN50P400X400X100-25V6N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-7 QFN50P400X400X100-29V7N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-8 QFN50P400X400X100-25V8N
JEDEC MO-220VGGD-9 QFN50P400X400X100-25V9N
JEDEC MO-220VGHD QFN50P400X500X100-29VN
JEDEC MO-220VGHD-1 QFN50P400X500X100-25V1N
JEDEC MO-220VGHD-2 QFN50P400X500X100-25V2N
JEDEC MO-220VGHD-3 QFN50P400X500X100-29V3N
JEDEC MO-220VHGB QFN80P500X400X100-15VN
JEDEC MO-220VHGC QFN65P500X400X100-19VN
JEDEC MO-220VHGD QFN50P500X400X100-25VN
JEDEC MO-220VHHB QFN80P500X500X100-17VN
JEDEC MO-220VHHC QFN65P500X500X100-21VN
JEDEC MO-220VHHC-1 QFN65P500X500X100-25V1N
JEDEC MO-220VHHC-2 QFN65P500X500X100-21V2N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-1 QFN50P500X500X100-29V1N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-2 QFN50P500X500X100-33V2N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-3 QFN50P500X500X100-29V3N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-4 PQFN50P500X500X100-33N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-4 QFN50P500X500X100-33V4N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-5 QFN50P500X500X100-33V5N
JEDEC MO-220VHHD-6 QFN50P500X500X100-33V6N
JEDEC MO-220VHJC QFN65P500X600X100-23VN
JEDEC MO-220VHKD QFN50P500X700X100-39VN
JEDEC MO-220VHKD-1 QFN50P500X700X100-39V1N
JEDEC MO-220VJHB QFN80P600X500X100-19VN
JEDEC MO-220VJHC QFN65P600X500X100-23VN
JEDEC MO-220VJHD QFN50P600X500X100-33VN
JEDEC MO-220VJJC QFN65P600X600X100-29VN
JEDEC MO-220VJJC-1 QFN65P600X600X100-25V1N
JEDEC MO-220VJJC-2 QFN65P600X600X100-33V2N
JEDEC MO-220VJJC-3 QFN65P600X600X100-29V3N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-1 QFN50P600X600X100-37V1N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-2 PQFN50P600X600X100-41N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-2 QFN50P600X600X100-41V2N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-4 QFN50P600X600X100-37V4N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-5 QFN50P600X600X100-41V5N
JEDEC MO-220VJJD-6 QFN50P600X600X100-41V6N
JEDEC MO-220VKHD QFN50P700X500X100-39VN
JEDEC MO-220VKKB QFN80P700X700X100-29VN
JEDEC MO-220VKKC QFN65P700X700X100-33VN
JEDEC MO-220VKKC-1 QFN65P700X700X100-37V1N
JEDEC MO-220VKKC-2 QFN65P700X700X100-33V2N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD QFN50P700X700X100-41VN
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-1 QFN50P700X700X100-45V1N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-2 PQFN50P700X700X100-49N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-2 QFN50P700X700X100-29V2N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-2 QFN50P700X700X100-49CN
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-3 QFN50P700X700X100-45V3N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-4 QFN50P700X700X100-49V4N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-6 QFN50P700X700X100-49V6N
JEDEC MO-220VKKD-8 QFN50P700X700X90-49VKKD8N
JEDEC MO-220VLLB QFN80P800X800X100-33VN
JEDEC MO-220VLLC QFN65P800X800X100-41VN
JEDEC MO-220VLLC-1 QFN65P800X800X100-37V1N
JEDEC MO-220VLLC-2 QFN65P800X800X100-45V2N
JEDEC MO-220VLLC-3 QFN65P800X800X100-41V3N
JEDEC MO-220VLLD QFN50P800X800X100-49VN
JEDEC MO-220VLLD-1 QFN50P800X800X100-53V1N
JEDEC MO-220VLLD-2 QFN50P800X800X100-57V2N
JEDEC MO-220VLLD-4 QFN50P800X800X100-53V4N
JEDEC MO-220VLLD-5 QFN50P800X800X100-57V5N
JEDEC MO-220VLLD-6 QFN50P800X800X100-57V6N
JEDEC MO-220VMMC QFN65P900X900X100-49VN
JEDEC MO-220VMMC-1 QFN65P900X900X100-45V1N
JEDEC MO-220VMMD QFN50P900X900X100-65AN
JEDEC MO-220VMMD QFN50P900X900X100-65BN
JEDEC MO-220VMMD QFN50P900X900X100-65VN
JEDEC MO-220VMMD-1 QFN50P900X900X100-61V1N
JEDEC MO-220VMMD-2 QFN50P900X900X100-57V2N
JEDEC MO-220VMMD-3 QFN50P900X900X100-65N
JEDEC MO-220VMMD-3 QFN50P900X900X100-65V3N
JEDEC MO-220VMMD-4 QFN50P900X900X100-65CN
JEDEC MO-220VNND-1 QFN50P1000X1000X100-65V1N
JEDEC MO-220VNND-2 QFN50P1000X1000X100-69V2N
JEDEC MO-220VNND-3 QFN50P1000X1000X100-73V3N
JEDEC MO-220VRRD QFN50P1200X1200X100-81VN
JEDEC MO-220VSTD QFN50P450X550X100-33VN
JEDEC MO-220VSUD QFN50P450X650X100-37VN
JEDEC MO-220VTUD QFN50P550X650X100-41VN
JEDEC MO-220WEEC-1 QFN65P300X300X80-13W1N
JEDEC MO-220WEEC-2 QFN65P300X300X80-9W2N
JEDEC MO-220WEEC-3 QFN65P300X300X80-9W3N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-1 QFN50P300X300X80-13W1N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-2 QFN50P300X300X80-17AN
JEDEC MO-220WEED-2 QFN50P300X300X80-17W2N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-2 QFN50P300X300X80-17WEED2N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-3 QFN50P300X300X80-13W3N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-4 QFN50P300X300X80-17W4N
JEDEC MO-220WEED-7 QFN50P300X300X80-17W7N
JEDEC MO-220WFFD-1 QFN50P350X350X80-21W1N
JEDEC MO-220WFSD QFN50P350X450X80-25WN
JEDEC MO-220WGEC QFN65P400X300X80-13WN
JEDEC MO-220WGED QFN50P400X300X80-17WN
JEDEC MO-220WGGB QFN80P400X400X80-13WN
JEDEC MO-220WGGB-1 QFN80P400X400X80-15W1N
JEDEC MO-220WGGC QFN65P400X400X80-17BN
JEDEC MO-220WGGC QFN65P400X400X80-17WN
JEDEC MO-220WGGC-1 QFN65P400X400X80-13W1N
JEDEC MO-220WGGC-2 QFN65P400X400X80-17W2N
JEDEC MO-220WGGC-3 QFN65P400X400X80-17W3N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-1 QFN50P400X400X80-21BN
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-1 QFN50P400X400X80-21W1N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-2 QFN50P400X400X80-25W2N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-3 QFN50P400X400X80-15W3N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-4 QFN50P400X400X80-17W4N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-5 QFN50P400X400X80-21W5N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-6 QFN50P400X400X80-25W6N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-7 QFN50P400X400X80-29W7N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-8 QFN50P400X400X80-25W8N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-9 QFN50P400X400X80-25W9N
JEDEC MO-220WGGD-X QFN50P400X400X80-25N
JEDEC MO-220WGHB QFN80P400X500X80-11WN
JEDEC MO-220WGHD QFN50P400X500X80-29WN
JEDEC MO-220WGHD-1 QFN50P400X500X80-25W1N
JEDEC MO-220WGHD-3 QFN50P400X500X80-29W3N
JEDEC MO-220WHGB QFN80P500X400X80-15WN
JEDEC MO-220WHGB-1 QFN80P500X400X80-17W1N
JEDEC MO-220WHGC QFN65P500X400X80-19WN
JEDEC MO-220WHGD QFN50P500X400X80-25WN
JEDEC MO-220WHHB QFN80P500X500X80-17WN
JEDEC MO-220WHHB-1 QFN80P500X500X80-19W1N
JEDEC MO-220WHHC QFN65P500X500X80-21WN
JEDEC MO-220WHHC QFN65P500X500X80-25N
JEDEC MO-220WHHC-1 QFN65P500X500X80-25W1N
JEDEC MO-220WHHC-2 QFN65P500X500X80-21W2N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-1 QFN50P500X500X80-29W1N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-2 QFN50P500X500X80-33W2N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-3 QFN50P500X500X80-29W3N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-4 QFN50P500X500X80-33W4N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-5 QFN50P500X500X80-33W5N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-6 QFN50P500X500X80-33W6N
JEDEC MO-220WHHD-X QFN50P500X500X80-33AN
JEDEC MO-220WHJC QFN65P500X600X80-23WN
JEDEC MO-220WHJD QFN50P500X600X80-33WN
JEDEC MO-220WHKD QFN50P500X700X80-39N
JEDEC MO-220WHKD QFN50P500X700X80-39WN
JEDEC MO-220WHKD-1 QFN50P500X700X80-39W1N
JEDEC MO-220WJHB QFN80P600X500X80-19WN
JEDEC MO-220WJHB-1 QFN80P600X500X80-21W1N
JEDEC MO-220WJHC QFN65P600X500X80-23WN
JEDEC MO-220WJHD QFN50P600X500X80-33WN
JEDEC MO-220WJJB QFN80P600X600X80-21WN
JEDEC MO-220WJJB-1 QFN80P600X600X80-25W1N
JEDEC MO-220WJJB-2 QFN80P600X600X80-25W2N
JEDEC MO-220WJJC QFN65P600X600X80-29WN
JEDEC MO-220WJJC-1 QFN65P600X600X80-25W1N
JEDEC MO-220WJJC-2 QFN65P600X600X80-33W2N
JEDEC MO-220WJJC-3 QFN65P600X600X80-29W3N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-1 QFN50P600X600X80-37W1N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-2 QFN50P600X600X80-41W2N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-3 QFN50P600X600X80-39W3N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-4 QFN50P600X600X80-37W4N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-5 QFN50P600X600X80-41W5N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-6 QFN50P600X600X80-41W6N
JEDEC MO-220WJJD-7 QFN50P600X600X80-33W7N
JEDEC MO-220WKHD QFN50P700X500X80-39WN
JEDEC MO-220WKKB QFN80P700X700X80-29WN
JEDEC MO-220WKKC QFN65P700X700X80-33WN
JEDEC MO-220WKKC-1 QFN65P700X700X80-37W1N
JEDEC MO-220WKKC-2 QFN65P700X700X80-33W2N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD QFN50P700X700X80-41WN
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-1 QFN50P700X700X80-45W1N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-2 QFN50P700X700X80-49AN
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-2 QFN50P700X700X80-49W2N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-3 QFN50P700X700X80-45W3N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-4 QFN50P700X700X80-49W4N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-5 QFN50P700X700X80-45W5N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-6 QFN50P700X700X80-49W6N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-7 QFN50P700X700X80-45W7N
JEDEC MO-220WKKD-8 QFN50P700X700X80-49W8N
JEDEC MO-220WLLB QFN80P800X800X80-33WN
JEDEC MO-220WLLB-1 QFN80P800X800X80-29W1N
JEDEC MO-220WLLC QFN65P800X800X80-41WN
JEDEC MO-220WLLC-1 QFN65P800X800X80-37W1N
JEDEC MO-220WLLC-2 QFN65P800X800X80-45W2N
JEDEC MO-220WLLC-3 QFN65P800X800X80-41W3N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD QFN50P800X800X80-49WN
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-1 QFN50P800X800X80-53W1N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-2 QFN50P800X800X80-57W2N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-3 QFN50P800X800X80-49W3N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-4 QFN50P800X800X80-53W4N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-5 QFN50P800X800X80-57W5N
JEDEC MO-220WLLD-6 QFN50P800X800X80-57W6N
JEDEC MO-220WMMB QFN80P900X900X80-37WN
JEDEC MO-220WMMC QFN65P900X900X80-49WN
JEDEC MO-220WMMC-1 QFN65P900X900X80-45W1N
JEDEC MO-220WMMD QFN50P900X900X80-65WN
JEDEC MO-220WMMD-1 QFN50P900X900X80-61W1N
JEDEC MO-220WMMD-2 QFN50P900X900X80-57W2N
JEDEC MO-220WMMD-3 QFN50P900X900X80-65W3N
JEDEC MO-220WNJR-5 QFN50P900X900X80-65AN
JEDEC MO-220WNND-1 QFN50P1000X1000X80-65W1N
JEDEC MO-220WNND-2 QFN50P1000X1000X80-69W2N
JEDEC MO-220WNND-3 QFN50P1000X1000X80-73W3N
JEDEC MO-220WRRD QFN50P1200X1200X80-81WN
JEDEC MO-220WSTD-1 QFN50P450X550X80-33W1N
JEDEC MO-220WSUD-1 QFN50P450X650X80-37W1N
JEDEC MO-220WTUD-1 QFN50P550X650X80-41W1N
JEDEC MO-220WXXX-X QFN50P400X500X80-21N
JEDEC MO-220WXXX-X QFN50P400X500X80-25N
JEDEC MO-229 SON50P300X200X80-7N
JEDEC MO-229 SON50P300X300X100-11N
JEDEC MO-229 SON50P300X300X100-9N
JEDEC MO-229 SON80P400X400X100-9N
JEDEC MO-229VCCC SON65P200X200X100-7N
JEDEC MO-229VCCD-3 SON50P200X200X100-9N
JEDEC MO-229VEEA SON95P300X300X100-7N
JEDEC MO-229WECD-1 SON50P200X300X80-11WECD1N
JEDEC MO-229WEED-2 SON50P300X300X80-11WEED2N
JEDEC MO-229WEED-3 SON50P300X300X80-11WEED3N
JEDEC MO-229WGED-3 SON50P300X400X80-15WGED3N
JEDEC MO-229WJED-1 SON50P300X500X80-17WJED1N
JEDEC MO-229WJGD-2 SON50P400X500X80-17WJGD2N
JEDEC MO-229WJJD-1 SON50P500X500X80-17WJJD1N
JEDEC MO-248XEED-1 QFN50P300X300X50-17N
JEDEC MO-252 PSON50P100X150X50-6N
JEDEC MO-252 PSON50P100X200X50-8N
JEDEC MO-255UABD PQFN50P160X210X55-10N
JEDEC MO-65AB SOJ127P866X375-26N
JEDEC MO-77AC SOJ127P866X375-32N
JEDEC MO-88AA SOJ127P866X356-14N
JEDEC MO-88AB SOJ127P866X356-16N
JEDEC MO-88AC SOJ127P866X356-18N
JEDEC MO-88AD SOJ127P866X356-20N
JEDEC MO-88AF SOJ127P866X356-24N
JEDEC MS-012 SOIC127P600X165-16N
JEDEC MS-012 SOIC127P600X173-14N
JEDEC MS-012 SOIC127P600X173-8N
JEDEC MS-012 SOIC127P600X175-14AN
JEDEC MS-012 SOIC127P600X175-8AN
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P600X175-8N
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P600X175-9AN
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P600X175-9BN
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P602X147-9AN
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P602X147-9BN
JEDEC MS-012AA SOIC127P602X147-9N
JEDEC MS-012AB SOIC127P600X145-14N
JEDEC MS-012AB SOIC127P600X175-14N
JEDEC MS-012AC SOIC127P600X150-16N
JEDEC MS-012AC SOIC127P600X175-16AN
JEDEC MS-012AC SOIC127P600X175-16N
JEDEC MS-012AC SOIC127P600X175-17N
JEDEC MS-013 SOIC127P1032X265-16AN
JEDEC MS-013AA SOIC127P1030X265-16N
JEDEC MS-013AB SOIC127P1030X265-18N
JEDEC MS-013AB SOIC127P1032X265-18N
JEDEC MS-013AC SOIC127P1030X265-20N
JEDEC MS-013AC SOIC127P1032X265-20AN
JEDEC MS-013AC SOIC127P1032X265-21N
JEDEC MS-013AC SOIC127P1042X355-20N
JEDEC MS-013AD SOIC127P1030X265-24N
JEDEC MS-013AD SOIC127P1032X265-24AN
JEDEC MS-013AE SOIC127P1030X265-28N
JEDEC MS-013AE SOIC127P1030X265-29N
JEDEC MS-013AE SOIC127P1032X265-28N
JEDEC MS-013AE SOIC127P1034X264-28N
JEDEC MS-013AF SOIC127P1030X265-14N
JEDEC MS-013AF SOIC127P1032X265-14AN
JEDEC MS-016AA PLCC127P818X1174X357-18N
JEDEC MS-016AB PLCC127P832X1340X357-18N
JEDEC MS-016AC PLCC127P832X1340X357-22N
JEDEC MS-016AD PLCC127P990X1498X357-28N
JEDEC MS-016AE PLCC127P1244X1498X357-32N
JEDEC MS-022 QFP50P900X900X120-49N
JEDEC MS-022 QFP65P1320X1320X245-52AN
JEDEC MS-022 QFP65P1720X2320X340-100AN
JEDEC MS-022 QFP65P3120X3120X410-144N
JEDEC MS-022 QFP65P3120X3120X410-160N
JEDEC MS-022AB QFP80P1320X1320X220-44N
JEDEC MS-022AB QFP80P1320X1320X235-44N
JEDEC MS-022AB QFP80P1320X1320X245-44N
JEDEC MS-022BA QFP100P1720X1720X210-44N
JEDEC MS-022BB QFP80P1720X1720X220-64N
JEDEC MS-022BC QFP65P1720X1720X220-80N
JEDEC MS-022BD QFP100P1720X1720X300-52AN
JEDEC MS-022BD QFP100P1720X1720X300-52N
JEDEC MS-022BE QFP80P1720X1720X300-64N
JEDEC MS-022BF QFP65P1720X1720X300-80N
JEDEC MS-022DA-1 QFP80P3120X3120X360-120N
JEDEC MS-022DC-1 QFP65P3120X3120X360-144N
JEDEC MS-022DC-1 QFP65P3120X3120X375-144N
JEDEC MS-022DD-1 QFP65P3120X3120X360-160N
JEDEC MS-022DD-1 QFP65P3120X3120X375-160N
JEDEC MS-022DD-1 QFP65P3120X3120X410-161AN
JEDEC MS-022GB-1 QFP80P1720X2320X290-80N
JEDEC MS-022GC-1 QFP65P1720X2320X290-100N
JEDEC MS-022GC-1 QFP65P1720X2320X340-101N
JEDEC MS-024AC SOP80P1176X120-44N
JEDEC MS-026 QFP40P1600X1600X120-121N
JEDEC MS-026 QFP50P1200X1200X100-65N
JEDEC MS-026 QFP50P1200X1200X120-65N
JEDEC MS-026 QFP50P1400X1400X120-81BN
JEDEC MS-026 QFP65P600X600X120-20N
JEDEC MS-026 QFP80P1200X1200X120-44BN
JEDEC MS-026 QFP80P1200X1200X145-44N
JEDEC MS-026AAA QFP50P700X700X120-32N
JEDEC MS-026AAA-HD QFP50P700X700X120-33N
JEDEC MS-026AAB QFP40P700X700X120-40N
JEDEC MS-026AAB QFP65P900X900X160-40N
JEDEC MS-026ABA QFP80P900X900X120-33AN
JEDEC MS-026ABA QFP80P900X900X120-33N
JEDEC MS-026ABA QFP80P900X900X145-32N
JEDEC MS-026ABC QFP50P900X900X120-48N
JEDEC MS-026ABC QFP50P900X900X120-49BN
JEDEC MS-026ABC-HD QFP50P900X900X120-49AN
JEDEC MS-026ABD QFP40P900X900X120-64N
JEDEC MS-026ACA QFP100P1200X1200X160-36N
JEDEC MS-026ACB QFP80P1200X1200X120-45N
JEDEC MS-026ACC QFP65P1200X1200X120-53N
JEDEC MS-026ACC QFP65P1200X1200X145-52N
JEDEC MS-026ACD QFP50P1200X1200X120-64N
JEDEC MS-026ACD QFP50P1200X1200X120-65BN
JEDEC MS-026ACD-HD QFP50P1200X1200X120-65CN
JEDEC MS-026ACE QFP40P1200X1200X120-80N
JEDEC MS-026ADA QFP100P1400X1400X160-44N
JEDEC MS-026ADB QFP80P1400X1400X160-52N
JEDEC MS-026ADC QFP65P1400X1400X160-64N
JEDEC MS-026ADD QFP50P1400X1400X120-80N
JEDEC MS-026ADE QFP40P1400X1400X120-100N
JEDEC MS-026AEA QFP100P1600X1600X160-44N
JEDEC MS-026AEB QFP80P1600X1600X120-65N
JEDEC MS-026AEC QFP65P1600X1600X120-81N
JEDEC MS-026AED QFP50P1600X1600X120-100N
JEDEC MS-026AED-HD QFP50P1600X1600X120-101BN
JEDEC MS-026AED-HD QFP50P1600X1600X120-101CN
JEDEC MS-026AED-HD QFP50P1600X1600X120-101N
JEDEC MS-026AEE QFP40P1600X1600X120-120N
JEDEC MS-026AFA QFP65P2200X2200X160-112N
JEDEC MS-026AFB QFP50P2200X2200X120-144N
JEDEC MS-026AFC QFP40P2200X2200X120-176N
JEDEC MS-026AGA QFP50P2600X2600X120-176N
JEDEC MS-026AGB QFP40P2600X2600X120-216N
JEDEC MS-026AHA QFP65P1600X2200X160-100N
JEDEC MS-026AHB QFP50P2200X2200X120-128N
JEDEC MS-026AKA QFP65P600X600X160-20N
JEDEC MS-026AKB QFP50P600X600X120-24N
JEDEC MS-026AKC QFP40P600X600X120-32N
JEDEC MS-026BAA QFP50P700X700X160-32N
JEDEC MS-026BAB QFP40P700X700X160-40N
JEDEC MS-026BBA QFP80P900X900X160-32BN
JEDEC MS-026BBA QFP80P900X900X160-32N
JEDEC MS-026BBB QFP80P1200X1200X120-44AN
JEDEC MS-026BBC QFP50P900X900X145-48N
JEDEC MS-026BBC QFP50P900X900X160-48N
JEDEC MS-026BBD QFP40P900X900X160-64N
JEDEC MS-026BCA QFP100P1400X1400X120-44N
JEDEC MS-026BCB QFP80P1200X1200X160-44N
JEDEC MS-026BCB QFP80P1400X1400X120-52N
JEDEC MS-026BCC QFP65P1200X1200X160-52AN
JEDEC MS-026BCC QFP65P1400X1400X120-64N
JEDEC MS-026BCD QFP50P1200X1200X140-65N
JEDEC MS-026BCD QFP50P1200X1200X145-64N
JEDEC MS-026BCD QFP50P1200X1200X160-64N
JEDEC MS-026BCD-HD QFP50P1200X1200X160-65N
JEDEC MS-026BCE QFP40P1200X1200X160-80N
JEDEC MS-026BDA QFP100P1600X1600X120-52N
JEDEC MS-026BDB QFP80P1600X1600X120-64AN
JEDEC MS-026BDC QFP65P1600X1600X120-80N
JEDEC MS-026BDD QFP50P1400X1400X140-80N
JEDEC MS-026BDD QFP50P1400X1400X160-80N
JEDEC MS-026BDE QFP40P1400X1400X160-100N
JEDEC MS-026BEA QFP100P1600X1600X160-52N
JEDEC MS-026BEA QFP65P1200X1200X120-52N
JEDEC MS-026BEB QFP80P900X900X120-32N
JEDEC MS-026BEC QFP65P1600X1600X160-80N
JEDEC MS-026BEC QFP65P1600X2200X120-100N
JEDEC MS-026BED QFP50P1600X1600X145-100N
JEDEC MS-026BED QFP50P1600X1600X160-100N
JEDEC MS-026BED QFP50P1600X1600X160-101N
JEDEC MS-026BEE QFP40P1600X1600X160-120N
JEDEC MS-026BFB QFP50P2200X2200X140-129N
JEDEC MS-026BFB QFP50P2200X2200X145-144N
JEDEC MS-026BFB QFP50P2200X2200X160-145N
JEDEC MS-026BFC QFP40P2200X2200X160-176N
JEDEC MS-026BGA QFP50P2600X2600X145-160N
JEDEC MS-026BGA QFP50P2600X2600X145-176N
JEDEC MS-026BGA QFP50P2600X2600X160-176N
JEDEC MS-026BGA-HD QFP50P2600X2600X140-177AN
JEDEC MS-026BGA-HD QFP50P2600X2600X140-177BN
JEDEC MS-026BGA-HD QFP50P2600X2600X140-177N
JEDEC MS-026BGB QFP40P2600X2600X160-216N
JEDEC MS-026BGB-HD QFP40P2600X2600X140-217N
JEDEC MS-026BHA QFP65P2200X2200X120-112N
JEDEC MS-026BHB QFP50P1600X2200X160-128N
JEDEC MS-026BJA QFP65P3000X3000X145-160N
JEDEC MS-026BJA QFP65P3000X3000X160-160N
JEDEC MS-026BJB QFP50P3000X3000X145-208N
JEDEC MS-026BJB QFP50P3000X3000X160-208N
JEDEC MS-026BJC QFP40P3000X3000X145-256N
JEDEC MS-026BJC QFP40P3000X3000X160-256N
JEDEC MS-026BJC-HD QFP40P3002X3002X140-257N
JEDEC MS-026BKA QFP65P900X900X120-40N
JEDEC MS-026BKB QFP50P600X600X160-24N
JEDEC MS-026BKC QFP40P600X600X160-32N
JEDEC MS-027 SOJ127P1118X368-40N
JEDEC MS-027 SOJ127P1118X376-40N
JEDEC MS-027AA SOJ127P1118X375-28N
JEDEC MS-027AC SOJ127P1118X375-32N
JEDEC MS-027AD SOJ127P1118X375-34N
JEDEC MS-027AE SOJ127P1118X375-36N
JEDEC MS-027AF SOJ127P1118X375-40N
JEDEC MS-027AG SOJ127P1118X375-42N
JEDEC MS-027AH SOJ127P1118X375-44N
JEDEC MS-029AA QFP50P1260X1260X245-64N
JEDEC MS-029AB QFP40P1260X1260X245-80N
JEDEC MS-029BA QFP50P1460X1460X245-80N
JEDEC MS-029BB QFP50P1460X1460X315-80N
JEDEC MS-029BC QFP40P1460X1460X245-100N
JEDEC MS-029CA QFP50P1660X1660X245-100N
JEDEC MS-029CB QFP50P1660X1660X315-100N
JEDEC MS-029CC QFP40P1660X1660X245-120N
JEDEC MS-029CD QFP40P1660X1660X315-120N
JEDEC MS-029DA-1 QFP50P2260X2260X270-144N
JEDEC MS-029DA-2 QFP50P2260X2260X245-144N
JEDEC MS-029DB-1 QFP50P2260X2260X340-144N
JEDEC MS-029DB-2 QFP50P2260X2260X315-144N
JEDEC MS-029DC-1 QFP40P2260X2260X270-176N
JEDEC MS-029DC-2 QFP40P2260X2260X245-176N
JEDEC MS-029DD1 QFP65P3120X3120X410-161N
JEDEC MS-029DD-1 QFP40P2260X2260X340-176N
JEDEC MS-029DD-2 QFP40P2260X2260X315-176N
JEDEC MS-029EA QFP50P2660X2660X410-176N
JEDEC MS-029EB QFP40P2660X2660X410-216N
JEDEC MS-029FA QFP50P3060X3060X410-208N
JEDEC MS-029FA1 QFP50P3060X3060X410-209N
JEDEC MS-029FA-2 QFP50P3060X3060X385-208N
JEDEC MS-029FB-1 QFP40P3060X3060X410-256N
JEDEC MS-029FB-2 QFP40P3060X3060X385-256N
JEDEC MS-029GA QFP50P3460X3460X343-240N
JEDEC MS-029GA QFP50P3460X3460X410-241N
JEDEC MS-029GA QFP50P3460X3460X415-240N
JEDEC MS-029GB QFP40P3460X3460X410-296N
JEDEC MS-029HA QFP50P4260X4260X325-304N
JEDEC MS-029HB QFP40P3860X3860X450-336N
JEDEC MS-029JA QFP50P3612X3612X420-241N
JEDEC MS-029JA QFP50P4260X4260X450-305N
JEDEC MS-029JA QFP50P4260X4260X455-304N
JEDEC MS-029JB QFP40P4260X4260X450-376N
JEDEC MS-029KA QFP50P2260X2260X315-128N
JEDEC MS-091BA SOJ127P984X375-28N
JEDEC TO-220, D2PAK TO267P1410X457-4N
JEDEC TO-236AA, SOT23 SOT95P230X124-3N
JEDEC TO-236AB SOT95P230X109-3N
JEDEC TO-236AB SOT95P237X112-3N
JEDEC TO-236AB SOT95P237X117-3N
JEDEC TO-236AB, SOT23 SOT95P230X110-3N
JEDEC TO-252 TO228P965X254-3N
JEDEC TO-252, , DPAK TO228P972X240-3N
JEDEC TO-252, DPAK TO228P991X239-3N
JEDEC TO-252AA, DPAK TO228P1003X238-3N
JEDEC TO-252AA, DPAK TO228P991X238-3_4N
JEDEC TO-261 SOT230P700X180-4BN
JEDEC TO-261AA, SOT223-3 SOT230P700X180-4N
JEDEC TO-261AB SOT150P700X180-5N
JEDEC TO-263 TO254P1524X457-3N
JEDEC TO-263AA TO254P1524X482-4N
JEDEC TO-263AA TO254P1524X483-4N
JEDEC TO-263AB TO254P1524X482-3N
JEDEC TO-263AB, D2PAK TO254P1524X483-3N
JEDEC TO-263BA TO170P1524X483-6N


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3. EIA-to-IPC Lookup Table


EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 CAPC0603X33N
EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 RESC0502X50N
EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 RESC0603X26N
EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 RESC0603X28N
EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 RESC0603X30N
EIA 0201, METRIC 0603 RESC0603X33N
EIA 0306, METRIC 1709 CAPCP1709X105N
EIA 0363, METRIC 0816 CAPC0816X61N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 CAPC1005X55N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 CAPC1005X56N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 CAPC1005X60N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 INDC1005X60N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 RESC1005X38N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 RESC1005X40N
EIA 0402, METRIC 1005 RESC1106X84N
EIA 0502, METRIC 1306 RESC1306X51N
EIA 0502, METRIC 1306 RESC1306X63N
EIA 0504, METRIC 1310 RESC1310X51N
EIA 0505, METRIC 1313 RESC1313X38N
EIA 0505, METRIC 1313 RESC1313X51N
EIA 0505, METRIC 1313 RESC1313X63N
EIA 0505, METRIC 1413 RESC1413X84N
EIA 0508, METRIC 1220 CAPC1220X107N
EIA 0508, METRIC 1320 CAPC1320X76N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1508 RESC1508X63N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X55N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X86N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X87N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X90N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X92N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 CAPC1608X95N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 INDC1608X95N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 RESC1608X38N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 RESC1608X50AN
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 RESC1608X50N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 RESC1608X55N
EIA 0603, METRIC 1608 RESC1608X84N
EIA 0612, METRIC 1632 CAPC1632X168N
EIA 0612, METRIC 1632 CAPC1632X76N
EIA 0705, METRIC 1913 RESC1913X63N
EIA 0705, METRIC 2013 RESC2013X51N
EIA 0705, METRIC 2013 RESC2013X84N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X100N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X120N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X127N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X135N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X140N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X145AN
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X145N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X70N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X71N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X88N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X90N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X94N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 CAPC2012X95N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 INDC2012X130N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 LEDC2012X120N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 RESC2012X50N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2012 RESC2012X70N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2013 RESC2013X38N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2013 RESC2013X65N
EIA 0805, METRIC 2014 CAPCP2014X145N
EIA 1002, METRIC 2506 RESC2506X84N
EIA 1005, METRIC 2513 RESC2513X63AN
EIA 1005, METRIC 2513 RESC2513X63N
EIA 1005, METRIC 2613 RESC2613X76N
EIA 1005, METRIC 2713 RESC2713X84N
EIA 1008, METRIC 2520 INDC2520X220N
EIA 1010, METRIC 2525 RESC2525X63N
EIA 1010, METRIC 2725 RESC2725X84N
EIA 1020, METRIC 2550 RESC2550X70N
EIA 1020, METRIC 2551 RESC2551X63N
EIA 1020, METRIC 2651 RESC2651X76N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3016 RESC3016X63N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3115 RESC3115X70N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3116 RESC3116X65N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3215 CAPC3215X168N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X105N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X127N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X130N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X140N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X152N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X175N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X178N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X180N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X190N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X70N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X90N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X94N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 CAPC3216X95N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 RESC3216X60N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 RESC3216X63N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 RESC3216X65N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3216 RESC3216X84N
EIA 1206, METRIC 3316 RESC3316X76N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X100N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X105N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X110N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X120N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X127N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X140N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X152N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X155N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X160N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X168N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X178N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X180N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X190N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X200N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X205N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X220N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X229N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X230N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X245N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X270N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X279N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X88N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 CAPC3225X94N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 INDC3225X135N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 RESC3225X60N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 RESC3225X65N
EIA 1210, METRIC 3225 RESC3225X70N
EIA 1218, METRIC 3246 RESC3246X60N
EIA 1408, METRIC 3720 RESC3720X40N
EIA 1505, METRIC 3813 CAPC3813X130N
EIA 1505, METRIC 3813 RESC3813X63N
EIA 1505, METRIC 3913 RESC3913X76N
EIA 1505, METRIC 3913 RESC3913X84N
EIA 1806, METRIC 4509 INDC4509X190N
EIA 1807, METRIC 4520 CAPC4520X130N
EIA 1808, METRIC 4520 CAPC4520X168N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X102N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X110N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X120N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X127N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X140N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X152N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X155N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X160N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X165N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X178N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X180N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X185N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X190N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X200N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X210N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X218N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X220N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X270N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 CAPC4532X279N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 INDC4532X175N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 RESC4532X110N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 RESC4532X135N
EIA 1812, METRIC 4532 RESC4532X70N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X125N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X127N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X130N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X145N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X155N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X160N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 CAPC4564X218N
EIA 1825, METRIC 4564 RESC4564X135N
EIA 1913, METRIC 4833 CAPC4833X280N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5025 CAPC5025X71N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5025 RESC5025X65N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5025 RESC5025X70N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5125 RESC5125X63N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5125 RESC5125X76N
EIA 2010, METRIC 5325 RESC5325X84N
EIA 2015, METRIC 5038 RESC5038X77N
EIA 2018, METRIC 4945 CAPMP4945X270N
EIA 2022, METRIC 4955 CAPMP4955X270N
EIA 2208, METRIC 5619 RESC5619X63N
EIA 2208, METRIC 5819 RESC5819X84N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5650 CAPC5650X115N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5650 CAPC5650X125N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5650 CAPC5650X145N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5650 CAPC5650X155N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5650 CAPC5650X165N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5651 CAPC5651X218N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5750 CAPC5750X200N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5750 CAPC5750X229N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5750 CAPC5750X230N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5750 CAPC5750X279N
EIA 2220, METRIC 5750 INDC5750X180N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5663 CAPC5663X115N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5663 CAPC5663X125N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5663 CAPC5663X145N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5663 CAPC5663X155N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5664 CAPC5664X200N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5664 CAPC5664X218N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5764 CAPC5764X127N
EIA 2225, METRIC 5764 CAPC5764X152N
EIA 2316, METRIC 6041 CAPC6041X320N
EIA 2413, METRIC 6235 RESC6235X390N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6331 RESC6332X65N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6331 RESC6332X70N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6332 CAPC6332X71N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6431 RESC6431X63N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6432 RESC6432X70N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6432 RESC6432X76N
EIA 2512, METRIC 6632 RESC6632X84N
EIA 2520, METRIC 6350 INDC6350X200N
EIA 2520, METRIC 6350 RESC6350X77N
EIA 2811, METRIC 7028 RESMELF7028N
EIA 2920, METRIC 7350 CAPMP7350X340N
EIA 2920, METRIC 7355 CAPMP7355X270N
EIA 2926, METRIC 7365 CAPMP7365X370N
EIA 2928, METRIC 7370 CAPMP7370X440N
EIA 3640, METRIC 9198 CAPC9198X218N
EIA 3830, METRIC 9675 CAPMP9675X490N
EIA 6032, C CASE CAPMP6032X250N
EIA 7343, D CASE CAPMP7343X280N
EIA SOPC-1106 RESM10857X619N
EIA SOPC-2107 RESM20869X741N
EIA SOPM-6235 RESM6234X393N
EIA SOPM-9941 RESM9940X449N
EIAJ SC-74 SOT65P280X145-8BN
EIAJ SC-74A SOT95P270X145-5N
EIAJ SC-76 SOD2512X110N


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