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Custom Training Plans

National Instruments offers custom training plans* for organizations that need to train a group of people when the standard NI training services do not meet their needs.

A custom training plan is a collaborative approach, where a training specialist from NI will work with you and your company to determine how best to address your training needs.

Customer Example

Alcon Labs contacted National Instruments in November 2009 to arrange a training course for a group of its employees on FlexRay, an embedded networks interface. The initial inquiry triggered an evaluation process to determine what materials need to be created, what costs will be involved, and time requirements.

A proposal was provided to Alcon Labs and once there was agreement on the dates of the training, the content, and the price, NI began developing the course for delivery. The training course was taught on-site at Alcon Labs in April 2010, with two groups of students being trained, each in two-and-a-half-day courses.

"Excellent experience! Our engineers had specific educational needs for DAQ applications so we worked with National Instruments to develop a custom training course. What we ended up creating was a unique software + hardware combo course that benefited our engineers tremendously. Our key test engineering people got exposure to key products and drivers, and our developers became more confident handling DAQ hardware. The whole experience was efficient, effective and extremely beneficial."

Senior Research Engineer, Alcon Labs

Alcon Labs, Irvine, CA

Other Custom Training Opportunities

Examples of custom training content implemented for other customers include:

  • MatrixX
  • Embedded Networking
  • Machine Vision
  • NI VeriStand
  • Instrument Driver Development (IVI)
  • And more…

In addition, NI has created course material for topics that are not regularly scheduled.  These courses can be easily scheduled for you as an onsite at your facility. 

Contact National Instruments for more details on building a custom training plan.


* NI Training membership cannot be applied toward the purchase of a custom training plan.  Pricing for custom training content varies depending on level of customization needed, delivery format, and number of attendees.  Plans can also be developed for companies outside of the US.  Request to be contacted by an NI representative in your area to confirm your unique training needs can be met with a custom training plan.


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