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Engineers - Reasons to Get Certified

NI Certification demonstrates you have the skills needed to create high-quality applications with NI software platforms and gives customers, peers, and employers confidence in your abilities. A recent survey of National Instruments’ Certified LabVIEW Developers revealed tangible benefits that have a direct, measurable, and positive impact on employee and manager alike, potentially leading to new business, a promotion, career opportunities, and increased salary.

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Reasons to Get Certified

Accelerate Career Development

Want to change positions or grow your career? With NI Certification, you will have the proven knowledge and credentials needed for advanced engineering and science positions. Additionally, this recognition helps you demonstrate your development skills, ability to work under pressure, and enhanced education to employers and colleagues. Nearly 30% of Certified LabVIEW Developers got new project opportunities, and 10% received a promotion at work, as a direct result of their certification.

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Earn More Money and Get More Job Satisfaction

With NI Certification, you can improve your job, obtain higher wages, and enjoy greater job security. Certified professionals typically enjoy higher salaries (more than 35% of Certified LabVIEW Developers report getting a raise due to their certification) and status within their organizations as well as rate their personal job satisfaction higher than noncertified developers.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Certified developers are recognized in the LabVIEW community through elevated "status" on, recognition at developer events, and spotlights in NI News and Instrumentation Newsletter. Additionally, they are often rewarded with branded merchandise and have the ability to use the NI certification logo on business cards, web sites, and resumes.


NI provides certified developers many opportunities to network with fellow technology leaders and engage in peer-to-peer discussions online and at events. Developers can connect at bi-quarterly LabVIEW Virtual User Group meetings segmented by certification level and during an annual roundtable lunch at NIWeek. Many certified users also obtain access to product previews, R&D roadmaps, and NI technical and business leadership. For LabVIEW Architects, NI holds a yearly summit for networking, sharing best practices, and interacting with members of LabVIEW R&D.

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