New Features in NI TestStand 2013

Building on over 14 years in the market, NI TestStand test management software continues to provide world-class tools for developing and deploying automated test systems. NI TestStand 2013 introduces features that improve overall stability, reduce dependency management for deployments, enhance integration with a variety of development environments, and implement user-requested usability features.

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Top New Features

Simplify Deployment Management With Patching

Create Low-Overhead Deployment Patches

Avoid long installer build times and complex deployment upgrades with new patchable deployments in NI TestStand 2013. With less than 6 MB of installer overhead, patches drastically reduce the time to build, transfer, and install updates to deployed systems by automatically including only new or changed files.

Maximize NI TestStand Engine Performance

Access Additional System Memory

Use more system memory by enabling the Large Address Aware flag, which increases the total available memory from 2 GB to 3 GB of RAM on a 32-bit OS and up to 4 GB of RAM on a 64-bit OS.

Take Advantage of Overall Stability Improvements

A focused effort to reduce a number of minor usability issues provides a superior user experience. This investment, along with increased test cases and enhanced benchmarking practices, ensures the stability of the NI TestStand 2013 software architecture for mission-critical applications.

Benefit From Improved NI LabVIEW and .NET Integration

Call LabVIEW Property Nodes

Save time by directly getting or setting one or more properties associated with an NI LabVIEW I/O reference, a LabVIEW class, or classes embedded in data value references.

Integrate With Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Capitalize on the latest features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and the.NET Framework 4.5 with full support for .NET code creation and inline debugging.

See Community-Requested Usability Features in Action

Easily Surround a Block of Steps With Flow Control

Surround a selected block of contiguous steps with a default set of corresponding begin and end Flow Control or Auto Schedule steps by using the new "Surround Selection With" context menu option.

Specify Multiple Values in Case Step Expressions

Make your sequences more efficient by specifying multiple values in any Case step.

Organize Your Workspace by Quickly Closing Unused Tabs

Clean up tabs of sequence files or executions by right-clicking and selecting the new "Close All But This" option.

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