TestStand Products

For Developing Test Applications

  • Develop and debug TestStand test sequences in the feature-rich development environment
  • Call test code in any programming language
  • Create deployable test system installers
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For Deploying Test Systems

  • Execute test applications in production using simplified operator interfaces
  • Use debugging tools to diagnose problems
  • Publish results to reports and databases
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Add-On Software for TestStand

TestStand Semiconductor Module

The TestStand Semiconductor Module simplifies how you build and deploy semiconductor characterization and production test systems. Features include DUT-centric multisite programming, handler/prober test cell integration, and STDF logging.

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Switch Executive

Switch Executive is an intelligent switch management software that you can use to quickly develop flexible and maintainable switching code. Each step in your TestStand sequence has switching property that links into Switch Executive for seamless integration.

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Requirements Gateway

Requirements Gateway is a requirements traceability solution that links your development code and verification documents with formal requirements stored in documents and databases.

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TestStand ATML Toolkit

The TestStand ATML Toolkit helps TestStand developers implement an Automatic Test Markup Language solution by automatically creating TestStand sequences from TestDescription documents and generating more descriptive TestResult reports.

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TestStand Partner Solutions and Integration Services

Whether you are looking for outside expertise to build your test system, or simply tools such as data management tools or custom steps or even operator interfaces, NI has a variety of qualified partners and integrators who can help.

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