Temperature Measurements

National Instruments offers a wide variety of temperature measurement solutions ranging from low-cost single-channel USB devices to modular and scalable systems that are ideal for the challenges of large-channel-count sensor measurements. Whether you are measuring temperature in a lab or rugged remote location, NI has the right measurement platform for your application. National Instruments has software options for quickly logging data to disk as well as for full programming environments for complex system architectures. With NI modular hardware and flexible software, you can easily measure temperature as part of a complete measurement system that meets the specific and unique needs of your application.

Choosing a Temperature Sensor and Measurement Device

Temperature is one of the most common types of physical measurements. You can measure temperature in various environments and channel counts. Depending on the desired accuracy, range, and expense, you have several sensor options for measuring temperature. National Instruments offers a wide variety of devices for you to choose from to make temperature measurements.

How To Measure Temperature Tutorials

The how-to guide for most common measurements provides information about making common sensor and signal measurements.  Each of the following documents covers the operating principle for the corresponding signal/sensor and offers guidance on how to make that type of measurement. The purpose of these documents is to help you understand what you need to know to quickly make your desired measurement.

Benefits of Using NI for Temperature Measurements

  • Integrated signal conditioning and connectivity for thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors to maximize your measurement accuracy and performance
  • Broad offering of measurement platforms that let you measure temperature from one to thousands of channels
  • Flexible virtual instrumentation gives you the ability to customize NI measurement hardware to meet the unique requirements of your application

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