Smart Machine Control

With increasing demand for higher-productivity machines and shorter design times, machine designers must reconsider their design approaches. NI smart machine control systems work in the most rugged places to achieve these demands.

Programming NI CompactRIO with NI LabVIEW is one way machine builders are meeting these challenges.

NI Expertise Overview

Intense global competition is pressuring industrial machine builders to deliver machines that meet several demands: higher throughput, reduced operating cost, and more features that improve productivity. For these reasons and more, today’s best-in-class machine builders use NI hardware and software tools to create flexible and highly effective multipurpose machines. Builders can use NI technologies to adopt modern control systems and sophisticated algorithms and integrate high-end electronics into their mechanical machines. As a way to meet this demands, builders are programming CompactRIO with LabVIEW software. Together, they make it easy to implement command and feedback control without resorting to low-level development tools or custom circuitry. With NI tools, builders can develop rugged system architectures that meet the rigorous requirements of their control systems.

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Develop a closed-loop control system for a hydraulic cylinder that is both cost-effective and highly reliable.
NI solutions create smarter robots
NI CompactRIO hardware and LabVIEW software helped simplify and rapidly complete the development of the machine’s control system.

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