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Installing the TCP/IP network protocol on your Windows NT PXI/VXI/VME Embedded Controller

TCP/IP is one of the most common networking protocols in use and is required for telnet, ftp, web access, and a number of other networked operations.

This document describes how to install TCP/IP network support on your VXI/VME or PXI embedded controller running Windows NT. This document is not applicable to systems running Windows 95 or Windows 98 and does not discuss how to configure TCP/IP. TCP/IP configuration is a topic that is specific to each individual network- your MIS department should be familiar with TCP/IP configuration. You can also purchase several books relating to this topic at your favorite bookstore. This document assumes that you have already configured the Ethernet adapter on your embedded controller. Please refer to the Configuring your VXI/VME or PXI controller’s ethernet adapter in Windows NT document if this is not the case.

Configuration Steps

  1. Log into the Windows NT using an account that has Administrator level privileges.

  2. Right-click on the Network Neighborhood icon on the desktop and select Properties.

    Note: You must have installed your ethernet adapter and Windows Networking support in order to see the Network Neighborhood icon.

    Network neighborhood icon

  3. Select the Add button from the Protocols tab.

    Protocol tab

  4. Select TCP/IP Protocol from the Select Network Protocol dialog.

    Add TCP IP

  5. Windows NT will display a dialog that prompts you to specify the location of some Windows NT files. You will not be able to browse for these files and must type in the complete path to the Windows NT configuration files (c:\/images/support/us/vxi_network_images\os\nt40\i386).

    NT file location

  6. Highlight the TCP/IP Protocol entry from the Protocols tab and then select the Properties button.

    Configure TCP

  7. Enter the TCP/IP configuration settings for your network.

    Note: You will need to contact your MIS department or your Network Service Provider to learn about the correct configuration settings for your network.

    Confgure TCP

  8. Select the Change button under the Identification tab to enter the name that you wish to assign to your computer and also to enter the name of the Workgroup that your computer belongs to.

    Configure Workgroup

    Note: You may need to consult with your MIS department to determine the name of the workgroup that you should use and to see if they impose any restrictions on the name that you can assign to your computer. Normally, you can use any computer name that is not already in use on your internal network.

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