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About the Service Request Manager

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the Service Request Manager.

What information can I see in the Service Request (SR) Manager?

In the SR Manager you can see a summary of your service requests opened with National Instruments after April 1, 2009. This includes service requests opened for technical support and to return a product (RMA).

In addition, if you have a service program membership you can view the detail of your service request including e-mail correspondence and notes entered by the NI applications engineer.

You will be able to view the detail of a service request that has been opened to return a product regardless of service program membership status.

Note: The SR Manager is unable to display the status of bugs that you have reported or files that have been exchanged via email or the ftp site.

How do I open a new service request?

To open a new service request please visit the Get Assistance tab within the Service Request Manager or request support at Web-based support is available 24/7 for all customers and direct phone and email support requires a valid service contract. NI applications engineers are not available during holidays. In addition to direct phone and email technical support, software maintenance contracts also include the latest software upgrades and maintenance releases and access to on-demand training through the Services Resource Center.

Why can't I see my service request?

There are a few reasons why you may be unable to see your service request online:

  • The service request was created before April 1, 2009. We are unable to publish service requests prior to this date.
  • Service requests are only available if you are registered as a customer of the Americas or Europe. At this time we cannot display service requests for customers from Africa, Asia, or Australia.
  • If you have just created an account on it could take up to a day for your access to be verified so please check back later. Contact NI if you are still unable to see your service request.
  • If you have incorrect information in your profile we may be unable to validate your access. Please verify your profile and check back later if you modify it. Contact NI if you are still unable to see your service request.
  • The system is down for maintenance. If you see this message in the SR Manager, please check back later.
  • If you cannot see your service request but feel that it should be available online, please contact NI.

Why can't I see my service request details?

A service program membership is required to view service request details. Your service program membership is displayed in the Services box in the SR Manager. If you feel that your membership is in error, please verify that your account information is correct. If the information is correct please contact us regarding your service. It may take up to 1 business day for your service information to update once you modify your account information.

In addition to direct phone and email technical support, the benefits of NI Service Programs include free software upgrades and maintenance releases and access to on-demand training through the Services Resource Center.

RMA service requests may not have detailed information if a support engineer was not involved in the return. At this time information about receiving and shipping RMA hardware is not available in the SR Manager.

How often are the details of my service request updated?

Service request details typically update as the support engineer adds or changes information in the service request. E-mail correspondence that you send to the support engineer will not display in the details section until the support engineer has reviewed the e-mail.

How can I provide an update to NI about my service request?

There are two ways to provide an update about your service request to NI.

  • Reply to an e-mail from an NI Applications Engineer. Be sure to leave your service request number in the subject line of the e-mail.
  • Call your local office and provide your service request number to be routed to an Applications Engineer. If you are located in the United States or Canada please call (866) 275-6964. For offices in other countries please visit the contact NI page to see local contact phone numbers.

What does the status of my service request mean?

OpenService request is open but has not yet been assigned
In ProgressRequest is actively being worked on
In Progress with R&DSupport engineer has requested assistance from R&D
Waiting on CustomerAdditional information needed from customer
ClosedService request is complete
ExpiredService request was opened but customer never contacted NI or did not have a service contract
RMA OpenRMA service request is open
RMA In ProgressRMA service request is open and has been worked on by NI but is not an indicator of hardware being received by NI
RMA Waiting on CustomerMore information required from customer
RMA ClosedRMA is complete

How do I close my service request?

Please contact the engineer assigned to your service request to close the request. Please make sure to reference your service request number.

Can I reopen a closed service request?

After a service request is closed it cannot be reopened. Please contact NI support via if you have a new inquiry.

Can I view service requests opened by my colleagues?

A service request can only be viewed by the person that opened the request.

How do I give feedback on the Service Request Manager?

We appreciate your feedback on the SR Manager as we work to continually improve this system. Please send us a message with your feedback. We may not be able to reply to all messages.