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NI Developer Suite FAQ

Q: Why should I choose NI Developer Suite rather than purchase software products individually?

A: Sometimes the most challenging part with any application is deciding what tools you need to complete the project. For software, NI Developer Suite is a bundled set of development tools created to help solve this challenge by providing application-specific add-on options for your system. NI Developer Suite provides NI software with exceptional savings; you can experience a 10-70 percent savings by purchasing NI Developer Suite bundles over individual software components. To keep your software current, you have access to software included in your NI Developer Suite package as updates are available. To help ease the transition to new projects, NI Developer Suite subscribers receive access to technical support and on-demand training. You get live, on-demand access to NI applications engineers via phone and e-mail to assist in developing your solutions. Additionally, maintain your technical edge by taking advantage of online training modules made exclusively for SSP customers.

Q: How long does my subscription to NI Developer Suite last, and what happens when it expires?

A: Every new NI Developer Suite purchase includes one year of Standard Service. Standard Service for NI Developer Suite includes access to software as updates are available, technical support, and free and unlimited on-demand online training. NI notifies you prior to your service expiration with a quote for the renewal. Once you renew, you receive an additional year of Standard Service, which ensures that you stay up to date on your software. If you do not renew, you can continue using your software at the current version, but you do not receive software updates or the other benefits of Standard Service.

Q: How much does a renewal to NI Developer Suite cost?

A: The on-time renewal price for NI Developer Suite is calculated as 20 percent of the current purchase price of your system. If you let your service lapse, you face additional charges (see below).

Q: What happens if my NI Developer Suite service lapses?

A: If you do not renew your NI Developer Suite service on or before the expiration date, you can still renew the service at an increased price. This price increases again if you are renewing more than 60 days past the expiration date.

Q: How can I add software to my existing NI Developer Suite system during the middle of my service period?

A: To add an option to an existing NI Developer Suite system, simply go to the NI Developer Suite Advisor and enter your serial number to view your existing configuration. Then, when you choose an option to add to your system, the advisor aligns your selected option to have the same service end date as the rest of your system and prorates the price of your option to compensate for this modified service period.

Q: When do I receive my software updates?

A: National Instruments provides you with software as soon as updates are available, through a product shipment or through digital methods.

Q: How can I ensure that NI has my correct contact information so I can correctly receive software updates and renewal notices?

A: Registering your software is the best way to keep your information up to date with NI. You can do this by visiting or by registering during installation of your software product. If your contact information changes, you can simply reregister your software or contact NI directly.

Q: If I already own NI software, how can I move to NI Developer Suite?

A: If you currently own National Instruments software, you can upgrade it to NI Developer Suite. Upgrading to NI Developer Suite automatically includes the latest software updates and a year of Standard Service. NI Developer Suite is the best way to upgrade your development system and keep it current. Contact NI for more information.

Q: My company/department purchases many copies of NI Developer Suite. Does NI offer any quantity discounts on software?

A: NI Developer Suite is a great way to standardize on software within your company or department. NI provides the Volume License Program for groups with more than five copies of a development system, including NI Developer Suite. The NI Volume License Program helps reduce your total cost of ownership by providing quantity discounts on software and maintenance in addition to providing simplified software budgeting and purchasing through centralized license management. For more information, visit