Compare Service Programs for the Semiconductor Test System

Obtain peace of mind through support from NI STS experts to accompany your in-house maintenance operations. One year of Basic Service Program is included in every NI STS.

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Maximize uptime of your NI STS with faster turnaround times from NI when hardware fails or expert support is needed. Full Service Program is recommended for most NI STS applications.

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Collaborate with NI on a customized program that may include Basic, Full, or additional entitlements to meet your specific application needs.

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Features Basic Full Custom
Obtain Basic Support              
Repair Coverage O
Access to Software Updates O
Access to 8x5 STS Technical support O
Improve Production Uptime      
3-5 Business Day Turnaround for Replacement Hardware* O
24-Hour Turnaround for Replacement Hardware 7 Days a Week** - O
On-Site Maintenance and Troubleshooting** - O
Maximize Production Uptime      
Access to 24x7 STS Technical Support - - O
On-Site Engineering Support - - O
On-Site Preventive Maintenance - - O
Custom Sparing - - O
Module Calibration Replacement Services (Recommended with Basic) O O O
On-Site Calibration (Recommended With Full) O O O
Laboratory Module Calibration (Recommended With On-Site Spares) O O O
Achieve Longevity      
Life-Cycle Consulting Services - - O



*Turnaround times vary by region. Consult your sales manager for information regarding your region.

**Available in select regions. Turnaround times include delivery. 

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