Static and Fatigue Test

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Static and fatigue test applications share many of the same demanding requirements. Test articles include full-scale structures, large components, and small composite material coupons. The aerospace industry features several examples of this such as an airplane aileron fatigue test or a full-scale airframe static test. An input stimulus can simulate the types of loads the test article may encounter and exceed expected behavior to reach breakpoint loads. These inputs are typically in the form of a slow changing force, but the systems require precise low-noise measurements to validate these complex designs.

Meeting these requirements in a cost-effective manner is even more challenging because test systems often require extensive initial engineering resources and development time in addition to customization work for each new structure under test. Discover how NI hardware and software can help meet and exceed your structural test requirements while helping you reduce development time and cost.

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The approach for these types of measurement systems uses a combination of synchronized distributed systems positioned close to your sensors. The measurement systems operate in real time to provide closed-loop control for correlated stimulus and response data.

Static and Fatigue Structural Test Resource Kit
Download tutorials, guides, and other resources to help you with your static and fatigue structural tests.

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Static and Fatigue Structural Test Systems

Evaluate the structural integrity of your test article with 24-bit performance using this following PXI system:

  • Acquire thousands of strain, torque, and load channels with 0.02 percent accuracy using NI SC Express
  • Interface with actuator servos using PXI or NI CompactRIO analog outputs
  • Run your system deterministically and create custom setpoint profiles using the NI LabVIEW Real-Time Module and NI VeriStand

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Introduction to NI Solutions for Structural Test

  • Modular, flexible, accurate measurement instrumentation
  • Scalable platform with best-in-class synchronization
  • Deterministic control for applying measurement stimulus
  • Advanced analysis, data management, and visualization software tools

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NI Solutions and Techniques for Structural Test

Read a detailed paper describing benefits of NI Solutions and techniques for structural test.

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