NI Smart Grid Solutions

NI control and measurement technology helps utilities and power systems engineers solve the challenges of today’s electrical grid. These include an increasing number of inverters, the growth of distributed generation (DG), and ever-changing regulations, which all make keeping the lights on a complex task. NI-based solutions use open, customizable measurement tools to meet the unique needs of an industry filled with utility grids that rarely exhibit the same problems.

Preparing Today for the Grid of Tomorrow

"The high processing power of CompactRIO allows us to gather and analyze large amounts of data from anywhere on the grid as well as compile and analyze all the data to see grid-wide trends to optimize our investments and meet the energy needs of the next generation." –Peter Haigh, National Grid UK

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Smart Grid Applications

Microgrids and Distributed Renewable Control

The growth of distributed, renewable generation and the increase in industrial IoT technologies meets at the microgrid. Microgrids help manage renewables in the field and offer promising benefits beyond DG integration. NI technology bridges microgrid research with microgrid deployments to get to pilot faster.

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PMUs and Wide Area Monitoring

Phasor measurement units (PMUs) have helped foster high-speed data gathering from the grid. As adoption and experience with PMU data grow, new possibilities emerge to better monitor and control the dynamic health of a utility grid. PMUs built on NI technology can help experts use and expand high-speed field data.

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Power Quality Analysis and Monitoring

Today, both sides of the grid impact quality. Generation technologies increasingly use inverters, and loads are changing with the adoption of PEVs and home storage. The first step to fixing a problem is measuring it, and NI technology can help you better measure power quality problems.

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Inverter Design

You can deliver grid-tied power electronic systems to market with significantly lower cost and risk. Ideal applications include most commercial power electronics control such as DC/AC, AC/DC, DC/DC, and AC/AC converters for flexible AC transmission systems, renewables, storage, and VSDs.

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