Volume License Manager Training

NI Volume License Manager (VLM) is a free benefit of the Volume License Program (VLP). Get the most from VLM with our Knowledge Is Power Training Modules, which are short videos to help you find just the right topic to learn.

  • Download and Install
    Not sure where to start? Download and install VLM with this step-by-step guide.
  • Workspace Overview
    Get a general understanding of VLM and learn a few tips for how to get the most from the tool.
  • Getting Started
    Learn how easy it is to get started with VLM and how to request, receive, and begin with your first license file.
  • Preferences
    Customize VLM to work for you with preferences. Learn how to find preferences and what each of them means.
  • Adding Users or Computers
    Add clients to your VLM in different ways. Explore various methods to find the right one for your organization.
  • Working With Groups
    Make reporting easier by dividing your organization into groups. Learn how to create and change groups.
  • Disconnected Licenses
    Learn how to disconnect and reconnect users temporarily from the tool.
  • Reporting
    Discover how easy it is to run and understand reports in VLM. Also, learn tips on how to get the most from reports.
  • Permission Requests
    Learn how to make it easier for users to join or make changes to their license.
  • License Installer
    Make the process of installing the right software on the right machine easier with the license installer.

Knowledge Is Power With VLM

Enhance Your Software Asset Management

VLM can enhance your software asset management capabilities. Use the training to see how you can use VLM to quickly assign and reassign licenses, assign users to groups, and run reports for analysis.

Learn How Easy It Is to Use VLM

The VLM training can show you how easy it can be to add users, change preferences, or run reports. With just a few clicks, you can make changes and find the information you want.

Use VLM Tips to Enhance Your Success

Each training module includes tips and ideas to enhance your success with the VLM tool. Customize the VLM tool by setting up a group, automating permissions, or disconnecting licenses.

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