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Maintenance Service Agreements

Customized Agreements for You

A maintenance service agreement from NI can help meet your needs when standard services cannot. Service agreements include options to fix annual costs, maximize uptime, and provide long-term application support.

A services support coordinator is your dedicated single point of contact.

Customized Training

As part of a managed service and support agreement, NI can also provide you with customized training to prepare on-site personnel to properly and safely use and maintain NI hardware. Customizations can include content, delivery method, and duration.

Complete Repair Coverage

A maintenance service agreement can cover all repair costs for your entire installed base. The coverage includes standard repair service, but also provides a dedicated single point of contact to coordinate all repairs as well as several advanced repair options.

Advanced Calibration Options

Along with standard calibration offerings, as part of a maintenance service agreement NI can also perform advanced calibration services tailored to your specific needs. These services for NI products include, but are not limited to, express calibration services, on-site calibration services, system calibration, and custom calibration procedures.

Globally Managed Spares

If standard service just isn't fast enough to meet your uptime needs or if you need a plan that supports your global installed base, NI can help you manage a tiered sparing model globally. In addition to an on-site spares inventory that can be accessed in minutes, NI can expand its support to include a regional inventory of spares that can be shipped the same day. You can use this balanced approach to meet more stringent uptime requirements.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance service is your best protection against unplanned downtime. Uncover potential issues before they happen through routine activities like visual inspection, software upgrades, embedded software tests, testing/replacing consumable components, and cleaning fans. Keep your team focused on critical projects and let NI perform this service for you. Or let NI train your team on the most efficient ways to manage your maintenance needs. The key is to have a plan, because by proactively checking these potential system failure modes, you can avoid unplanned downtime of your systems and keep them running smoothly.

Life Cycle Engineering

Regardless of the duration of your project, NI can help ensure your success with life cycle engineering as part of your maintenance service agreement. This support can range from life cycle status reviews for individual NI products to advanced design reviews of your specific application. Availability guarantees may even be provided for the most comprehensive coverage.

Additional Options

Whatever you may require, NI is here to help. From product customization to on-site service to any combination of the above options, NI is dedicated to your success and can tailor a custom service agreement for you.

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