Semiconductor Test

With the proven benefits of reducing cost, size, and footprint, the adoption of PXI-based semiconductor production test systems is on the rise. Even with hundreds of these systems already deployed, building your own production test system is not a trivial task. It requires a team of engineers to build and support it, and most semiconductor companies can't justify it. What you really need is a system that easily integrates into the production environment. See how NI has further evolved PXI to address this problem with the release of the STS.

Power Amplifier (PA) and RF Front End Module Test

  • Decrease test costs of power amplifiers and front end modules (FEMs)
  • Stay ahead of evolving wireless standards and technologies
  • Complete test coverage for DPD and ET

Power Management ICs (PMICs) Test

  • Achieve faster test times
  • Reduce test system footprint
  • Faster response times for abrupt changes in load current

LED Test

  • See detailed device transient behavior that you would otherwise miss
  • Highest SMU channel density
  • Up to 500 watts pulse power coverage

Meeting IC Test Challenges with a Platform Based Approach

A platform-based approach provides a scalable solution that addresses cost, device, and design challenges faced in the semiconductor industry today.

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Lower the Cost of Semiconductor ATE

The new NI PXI-based Semiconductor Test System (STS) reduces the cost of your RF and mixed-signal tests for production test.

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When Exposed to IoT, Big Iron ATE Will Rust

The growth of IoT brings new testing challenges that traditional ATE cannot scale to support.

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