Evaluate the USRP Platform for Education

Evaluate the USRP-2920 transceiver to experience the only complete, ready-to-use teaching solution of its kind. The USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) platform supports RF and communications courses through accessible, hands-on laboratory signals with included hardware, software, and courseware.

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A complete SDR teaching workstation kit including two USRP-2920 devices (50 MHz-2.2 GHz) and accessories


LabVIEW 2014 evaluation software with hardware drivers and toolkits for use with the courseware


The lab manuals, Intro to Communication Systems by Dr. Bruce A. Black and Digital Wireless Communications by Dr. Robert W. Heath Jr, cover:

  • Introduction to analog modulation techniques
  • Digital communications system designs
  • Common algorithms for energy detection and synchronization
  • Techniques for pulse shaping and match filtering
  • Analysis of impairments such as quantization, multipath, and fading
  • Implementation of an end-to-end orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing radio link

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