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NI SC Express

Test With Confidence Using SC Express

Get the accuracy, speed, and performance you need to test with confidence with SC Express, the premier physical measurement family supported in real-time OSs.

What is SC Express?

The SC Express Advantage

The SC Express family combines data acquisition and signal conditioning into a single module for high-performance, reliable sensor measurements. The family is built around the industry-standard PXI platform, so you can design your test system with confidence that it will scale with your testing needs now and in the future.

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Shop by Measurement Type

Each SC Express module is optimized for particular sensor types. Click a measurement type below to view more details on that module.

SC Express Applications

SC Express is the ideal solution for high-channel-count applications that demand accurate, reliable sensor measurements. Structural, aerodynamic/aeroacoustic, and vibration testing are just a few areas where customers have seen success with SC Express.

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What's New

Learn More About Signal Conditioning

Read Technical White Papers on Achieving Superior Performance

Ratiometric architectures, high-performance delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters, channel-to-channel isolation, and cold-junction compensation are just a few of the optimizations employed in the SC Express family. Read technical descriptions of the features that make these modules best in class.

Get Back to Basics With the Sensor Fundamentals Series

Learn the basics of thermocouples, strain gages, pressure sensors, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and accelerometers, including history, terminology, compatible products, and wiring diagrams for each sensor.

See What Makes SC Express Ideal for Structural Test Applications

Structural testing implies stimulating a test article while measuring the response with a data acquisition system. Signals from pressure sensors, load sensors, strain gages, thermocouples, accelerometers, and microphones distributed across the test article must be synchronized and properly conditioned to ensure all data is captured in as few runs as possible. SC Express delivers the channel counts and performance necessary with the reliability of real-time OS support to help you to test with confidence.

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