Устройство с перенастраиваемым цифровым вводом-выводом

Цифровое перенастраиваемое устройство ввода-вывода, ПЛИС Kintex 7 160Т—The PCIe‑7820 is a reconfigurable I/O (RIO) device that features a user-programmable FPGA for onboard processing and flexible I/O operation. With LabVIEW FPGA, you can individually configure the digital lines as inputs, outputs, counter/timers, PWM, encoder inputs, or specialized communication protocols. You can also program custom onboard decision making that executes with hardware-timed speed and reliability. Each line offers software-selectable logic levels. The PCIe‑7820 is well-suited for a wide variety of applications, such as high-speed waveform generation, sensor simulation, hardware-­in­-the-­loop (HIL) test, bit error rate test, and other applications that require precise timing and control.

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