Energy is a complex field with a broad array of concerns, including energy security, environmental and operational protection, system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, and clean energy technologies.

Advantages of the NI Approach


NI solutions use open, customizable measurement tools to meet the unique needs of an industry filled with utility grids with highly variable problems.

Lower Cost

Using NI hardware such as CompactRIO, NI customers report 4X improvement in the number of projects they can complete for the same budget.

Rugged Design

NI hardware can meet demanding requirements for operating temperature, ingress protection, and vibration ranges.


Featured Content

National Grid UK uses a CompactRIO system that provides more measurements and adapts with the evolving grid for generations to come.
Promethean Power uses solar energy and NI products to power a refrigeration system in India.
SERIS deployed 25 meteorological stations in Singapore using NI hardware.