RFID Testing

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P.V. Nikitin
Intermec Technology

"Our custom LabVIEW application and its graphical user interface are extremely flexible, making it easy to further customize to meet specific RFID tag testing needs in the future."

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Software utilities and modular RF instrumentation from National Instruments are flexible, modular solutions for the emulation and measurement of RFID readers and tags. With these tools, you can perform comprehensive protocol and parametric tests in accordance with international RFID standards. Benefits of using NI RFID tools include the following:

- RFID emulation and measurement in one system

- Faster test times than traditional instrumentation

- Lower test costs through an integrated solution

- Multiple wireless protocol tests with software-defined instrumentation

Software utilities and modular RF instrumentation from NI offer RFID emulation and measurement in a single system for performing comprehensive protocol and parametric tests.

RFID Test Solutions

The RFID System Conformance Test System is a conformance test and measurement solution for radio frequency identification (RFID) devices.

  • Integrated RFID protocol stack and real-time communications capabilities
  • Real-time vector RF signal generation and analysis technology
  • Ability to decode and measure RFID signals per all current EPC and ISO protocols

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NI RFID test solutions are available from CISC Semiconductor in Europe, VI Service Network in Asia, and Nexjen Systems in the Americas. Contact us for information on RFID test solutions partners in other regions.

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The NI Platform Offers

  • Industry-leading measurement speed
  • Flexible, software-defined platform for testing multiple standards with same hardware
  • Lower cost than other instruments of comparable accuracy

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