Mobile Devices/Wireless

NI offers industry-leading solutions for wireless and mobile device testing, from RF signal generators and analyzers to fully integrated test solutions. Dramatically reduce test cost with the NI PXI approach, which provides faster measurements, greater flexibility, and lower capital equipment costs. NI test systems typically perform measurements 5X to 10X faster than traditional instruments and support a wide range of wireless technologies from LTE to 802.11ac.

NI Solutions

Mobile Device Manufacturing Test

The PXI-based Wireless Test System (WTS) lowers your cost of wireless manufacturing test and delivers industry-leading measurement speed and performance. The WTS supports wireless standards from Bluetooth to LTE Advanced to 802.11ac and features ruggedized N-type connectors, advanced switching topologies, and an easy-to-use SCPI interface.

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Wireless Connectivity

WLAN and Bluetooth test solutions span from the R&D lab to manufacturing test. Solutions are based on the NI vector signal transceiver (VST) and can test technologies such as 802.11a, b, g, n, ac, Bluetooth, and more. PXI test solutions deliver 5X to 10X faster measurement speed than traditional box instruments.

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Wireless Infrastructure Manufacturing Test

Solutions for small cell and remote radio head manufacturing test combine best-in-class RF performance with industry-leading measurement speed. The products reduce your cost of manufacturing test and support technologies such as 3GPP LTE, 802.11ac, and CPRI.

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Qualcomm Improves Test Speeds by More Than 200X

Learn how Qualcomm uses the PXI-based VST and NI LabVIEW software to create a customized, flexible WLAN test system that delivers a 200X improvement in test time.

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Learn About Wireless Test on RF Academy

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices for RF and wireless device tests on RF Academy. Discover everything from how to make an error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement to information on the 802.11ac standard.

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