Wireless Infrastructure Test

NI helps you meet your wireless infrastructure testing needs through industry-leading measurement speed, broad standards coverage, and utmost flexibility. NI solutions are ideal for all phases of product development—from testing individual components such as power amplifiers to verifying fully assembled systems such as a complete small cell base station.

Benefits of the NI Solution

Measurement Speed

NI PXI systems combine high-performance PCI Express data buses and multicore CPU technology to deliver measurement speeds that are 5X to 10X better than those offered by traditional test equipment.

Rapid Test Development

Built on NI LabVIEW software, the NI wireless infrastructure test solution gives you the ability to design and optimize test sequences quickly. Use preexisting test frameworks and rich test function libraries to reduce test system development time. In addition, tools such as NI TestStand test executive software make it easy to automate measurements for product validation and production test applications.


PXI infrastructure solutions provide the utmost flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the wireless industry. Because PXI systems are software-defined, you can easily adapt them to new wireless standards and technologies.

NI Solutions

Small Cell Manufacturing Test

NI solutions for small cell manufacturing test help you reduce your costs through high-speed test solutions. NI products test a wide range of technologies from GSM to LTE Advanced to WiFi and offer 5X to 10X improvements in test times over traditional solutions.

Remote Radio Head Test

Adoption of remote radio head technology is increasing and requires faster and more complete solutions. NI RF signal generators, analyzers, and digital interface modules are ideal for remote radio head manufacturing test because they combine the speed and flexibility of PXI into a small, fully integrated solution.

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