Why Choose NI?

Many vendors offer solutions for RF and microwave design and test needs, but only NI is committed to your success. At NI, we help you tackle the most difficult challenges in the RF and wireless industry, from prototyping next-generation communications systems to designing the highest performance microwave circuits to reducing RF test times by 10X or more. Our customers can testify to the success they have achieved using our products.

Discover NI

Reduce Your Cost of Test

Innovate faster with test products and solutions that ultimately reduce your cost of product development and testing. Thousands of companies have reduced their cost of test through NI PXI instrumentation because of its significantly faster test times and its ability to solve extremely difficult measurement challenges.

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Solve Your Prototyping Challenges

We offer the tightest integration of hardware and software to address even the most difficult wireless research challenges. Today, engineers use our tools to solve some of the industry’s toughest software defined radio challenges, such as prototyping.

Accelerate Design and Product Development

Reduce the time it takes to go from concept to manufacturing in high-frequency ICs and systems. The NI AWR Design Environment offers an intuitive use model that delivers an exceptional user experience and an open design flow that supports third-party tools. Combined, these aspects of AWR software solutions maximize user productivity, eliminate errors and design redundancies, and reduce time to market.

Achieve Higher Performance in High-Frequency Designs

NI high-performance microwave components and subassemblies help you tackle the most difficult high-frequency design challenges and advanced microwave and mmWave technology. With custom components and assemblies, we empower you to achieve timely design of your systems.