Radar Design and Test

NI provides a wide range of modular hardware products and software tools to design, prototype, and test radar systems and subsystems. The NI software-defined approach is inherently flexible, making it possible for you to perform everything from basic pulse generation and analysis to complex algorithm engineering for advanced radar research such as cognitive and passive radars.

NI Solutions

Primary Radar

NI offers a broad range of commercial off-the-shelf products for designing and testing primary radar systems. Tools such as NI LabVIEW system design software and the AWR Design Environment provide software for radar simulation. In addition, you can use NI PXI signal generators and analyzers for validation and manufacturing test of radar test systems.

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Secondary Radar

PXI test solutions provide a flexible approach to secondary radar design and test. NI’s inline signal processing enables hardware-in-the-loop capability that is often required for secondary radar testing. NI products also provide coverage for multiple frequencies.

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Radar Research

PXI is the ultimate solution for radar research, providing coverage for multiple frequency bands. Through its heterogeneous computing architecture, PXI gives you the ability to quickly prototype advanced radar algorithms using custom programmable FPGAs and multicore processors.

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SELEX Sistemi Integrati Passive Radar

Learn about a passive radar system from SELEX Sistemi Integrati and how the combination of LabVIEW and reconfigurable NI hardware helped accelerate the development of complex applications.

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