RF Power Amplifier Test

NI provides a complete solution for RF power amplifier (PA) testing, from design validation through manufacturing test. Gain industry-leading measurement performance and tight synchronization with reference solutions for load pull, digital predistortion (DPD), and envelope tracking (ET). Also dramatically reduce test times, time to market, and overall cost of test with solutions for PA characterization and production test.

NI Solutions

Reference Solutions for DPD and ET

NI LabVIEW example code can help simplify DPD, ET, and load pull measurements. DPD solutions use industry-standard DPD algorithms to help you test PAs in DPD conditions, and ET solutions deliver best-in-class synchronization between RF and baseband signal generators.

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Load Pull and Network Analysis

PXI provides an ideal solution for highly integrated load pull systems. Load pull reference solutions include LabVIEW example code that automates PXI RF signal generators and analyzers in addition to off-the-shelf load and source pull hardware.

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PA Characterization and Production Test

NI solutions for automated testing of wireless handset PAs are ideal for device characterization and production test, from GSM to LTE Advanced. PXI RF test solutions offer industry-leading measurement performance and test time. As a result, PXI dramatically decreases characterization time, reducing your cost of test and time to market.

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TriQuint Semiconductor Reduces Characterization Time

Discover how TriQuint Semiconductor used LabVIEW with PXI modular instrumentation to characterize PAs faster and with lower test costs.

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