Near Field Communication and Wireless Power

NI’s Micropross product line delivers an industry-leading solution for smart card, RFID, near field communication (NFC), and wireless power test. This line provides the widest range of certified test solutions, from contactless mobile payments to wireless charging, on the market.

Contactless Payment and Wireless Charging

NFC and Contactless Payment

Debug, characterize, and check the conformance of antennas, chipsets, NFC tags, and NFC devices with industry-required standards (NFC Forum, EMVCo, ISO) using Micropross terminal and smart card simulators, as well as fully automated test benches.

Wireless Charging

Precertify power transmitters and mobile devices according to the requirements that the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) defines for both low-power (5 W) and medium-power (15 W) modes using the Micropross fully automated solution.

Contactless Test Solutions

MP500 PT1-NFC Generator/Analyzer for NFC/EMVCo Manufacturing Test

The Micropross MP500 PT1-NFC is designed specifically for manufacturing test environments. With an innovative multimode antenna that minimizes operator interaction, and a high-performance analog measurement channel, you can perform qualitative measurements without sacrificing test times.

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MP500 TCL3 Generator/Analyzer for NFC/EMVCo Conformance and Design Validation

The Micropross MP500 TCL3 is designed to debug and characterize NFC devices, NFC tags, contactless smart cards, and terminals. It supports all industry standards (ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, MIFARE, FeliCa), and can perform advanced resonance frequency, Q factor, and complex impedance measurements.

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Contactless Test Station

The Micropross Contactless Test Station (CTS) is an all-in-one conformance tester for NFC-enabled mobile phones, payment terminals, smart cards, and NFC tags. Specific test libraries include EMVCo L1 (certified), NFC Forum (certified), and ISO 10373-6 (-7).

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