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Phase-Coherent RF Recording to Disk with PXIe

View a demonstration that combines high speed data streaming to disk and phase coherent RF signal acquisition.

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Measuring Insertion Loss, Return Loss, and Gain With a VNA

Learn how the VNA architecture makes these measurements easy with a high degree of accuracy.

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Performing a Spectral Mask Measurement on a Modulated Signal

Learn advanced methods to perform adjacent channel power measurements with NI-RFSA.

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RF and Microwave Measurement Techniques

These tutorials introduce a variety of technical topics on vector, spectral, and network analysis. Examples include performing common nonlinear and linear RF measurements from intermodulation distortion to group delay. The tutorials also explain concepts such as dynamic range, resolution bandwidth, displayed average noise level, and harmonics.

Wireless Standards and Measurement Techniques

In these tutorials, explore common measurements for wireless standards and modulation analysis. Learn about not only basic modulation and demodulation principles, but also about test techniques for 2G/3G cellular, LTE, WLAN, and GPS devices.

Additional RF Test Techniques

The following tutorials explore system-level topics such as improving measurement accuracy through calibration and decreasing test time. You can also learn about industry's latest developments in test techniques ranging from phase-coherent multichannel acquisition to peer-to-peer signal processing.

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