RF Application Areas

NI RF solutions make it possible for you to meet challenges in many applications including power amplifier testing, mobile device/wireless testing, radio prototyping, and spectrum monitoring.

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5G Wireless

  1. Explore how SDR is helping to frame the future of 5G wireless

RF Power Amplifier Test

  1. Use reference solutions for load pull, digital predistortion, and envelope tracking

Mobile Devices/Wireless

  1. Perform measurements 5X to 10X faster than box instruments
  2. Supports technologies from GSM to LTE-A A to 802.11ac

Communication System Design

  1. Test algorithms with radio hardware
  2. Prototype multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) systems
  3. Design next-generation communications standards

Wireless Infrastructure Test

  1. Reduce test time of infrastructure equipment

Radar Design and Test

  1. Design, prototype, and test radar systems
  2. Perform basic pulse generation to algorithm engineering
  3. Conduct advanced research for cognitive and passive radars

Spectrum Monitoring/Signal Intelligence

  1. Acquire, monitor, and record spectrum up to 26.5 GHz
  2. Use real-time signal analysis for detection and decoding

RF Manufacturing Test

  1. Test RFICs, mobile devices, wireless infrastructures, and infotainment and set-top boxes