RF Application Areas

Software-defined PXI RF test systems from NI provide tremendous benefits for engineers performing RF, microwave, and wireless test applications. Using key technologies such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), multicore CPUs, and high-performance RF components, NI RF test equipment delivers industry-leading measurements speed, the flexibility to create a wide range of applications, and cost-effective measurement accuracy.

RF and Microwave Test for Aerospace and Defense Applications

“With NI software and hardware, we created an automated solution to successfully test antenna operations in just five minutes, which is considerably less time compared to the 30 minutes we needed to manually perform a test. This equates to more than 500 hours saved annually with automated testing.”

Solutions including signals intelligence, record and playback, software-defined radio, and multiple input, multiple output (MIMO)/beamforming.

RF and Wireless Test Solutions

“With NI PXI, we were able to reduce the characterization time of new parts from two weeks to about a day.”

Solutions for wireless communication standards including WiMAX, GPS, RFID, ZigBee, GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN, and Bluetooth.

RF Academic Solutions for Wireless Communications

"With the software/hardware combination of LabVIEW and the NI USRP™, students were able to build and explore each element of a complete communications system signal chain."

Solution includes hardware, the LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit, and courseware featuring full labs.

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