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PCI Express Control of PXI with MXI-Express

Demonstration of PCI Express control of PXI with MXI-Express
View a seven-minute demo
A Technical Introduction to MXI-Express

PCI Express provides the highest bandwidth of all PC I/O buses. Both high-speed and high-channel-count test and measurement applications can benefit from its throughput. With MXI-Express, you can control PXI systems using the PCI Express bus in a laptop, desktop, or server PC.

  • PCI Express control of PXI/CompactPCI
  • Prices starting at $999 USD for a complete kit
  • Up to 160 MB/s (two chassis) and 110 MB/s (one chassis) sustained throughput
  • Control of two PXI/CompactPCI chassis from a single PCI Express board
  • Rugged connectivity

View the MXI-Express data sheet for more information.

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