PXI Instrument Videos


PXI oscilloscopes feature an open architecture and flexible, software-defined functionality to deliver unmatched versatility for both time- and frequency-domain applications. With an NI PXI oscilloscope, you get the out-of-the-box experience of a box instrument with a platform to support modern technology with both the measurement and channel capability to meet the changing needs of test and measurement.

Additional Instruments

NI combines powerful software with instrumentation from DC to 26.5 GHz to get you up and running quickly.


Source Measure Units (SMU)

  1. Ability to source and measure voltage
  2. 4-quadrant operation


  1. Ability to measure voltage and current
  2. Time and frequency domain

Digital Instruments

  1. Ability to generate and acquire signals
  2. Static, protocol, and parametric

Digital Multimeters (DMM)

  1. Ability to measure DC and AC signals
  2. Voltage, current, and resistance

Vector Signal Transceivers (VST)

  1. Ability to acquire and generate signals
  2. Real-time signal processing

Vector Signal Analyzers (VSA)

  1. Ability to perform spectral measurements
  2. Magnitude and phase


  1. Ability to expand channel count
  2. DC, AC, and RF signals

Power Supplies

  1. Ability to source voltage and current
  2. 2-quadrant operation

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

  1. Ability to source continuous waveforms
  2. Hardware-timed generation

RF Signal Generators

  1. Ability to generate RF waveforms
  2. Low distortion, fast tuning