NI PXI Advantages

Since inventing the standard in 1997 and founding the PXI Systems Alliance industry consortium in 1998, National Instruments has been at the forefront of delivering the benefits of PXI to engineers and scientists worldwide. With the largest selection of chassis, controllers, and timing and synchronization and more than 600 modules, you can address virtually any engineering challenge.

“The PXI market is growing, gaining share over rack-and-stack instruments, and National Instruments is the undeniable leader in PXI-based test and measurement equipment. This is not surprising considering the breadth and depth of its PXI product portfolio.”

Jessy Cavazos
Industry Manager for Measurement and Instrumentation
Frost & Sullivan

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Key Features


More Than 600 PXI Products to Address Any Engineering Challenge

From the industry’s most accurate 7 ½-digit digital multimeter (DMM) to 26.5 GHz microwave measurements, National instruments has more than 600 products to cover your measurement and test needs. Combine these modules to create scalable test systems from one to tens of thousands of channels.

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Powerful and Productive Software Solutions

NI offers the ultimate in software flexibility. With flexible, high-performance drivers, choose the application development environment that best meets your needs. This also includes the entire NI graphical system design platform, which offers a full end-to-end software solution that increases productivity and reduces development cost.

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The People to Solve the Problem Wherever You Are

Combining over 15 years of experience and knowledge of the PXI platform with a global presence in over 40 countries and hundreds of skilled engineers, NI has the support team and flexible services model to ensure your success with the PXI platform. Just one more reason you can have absolute confidence in your NI hardware investment.

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Unparalleled Timing and Synchronization Capabilities

National Instruments is the only major test and measurement vendor that offers a PXI timing and synchronization product line. This portfolio spans low-cost solutions to the industry’s highest performance PXI Express timing and synchronization modules to deliver synchronization over any distance and with up to picosecond accuracy.

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Most Comprehensive Selection of Chassis

NI chassis feature high-performance backplanes and a rugged, reliable mechanical package. You can find the right NI chassis for your application whether you need a portable, benchtop, rack-mount, or embedded system, or a system with integrated signal conditioning. NI PXI Express chassis are compatible with PXI Express and CompactPCI Express modules. In addition, all NI chassis work with both PXI and CompactPCI modules.

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High-Performance Embedded Controller Options

PXI embedded controllers from NI provide a high-performance yet compact embedded computer solution for your PXI measurement system. The controllers include standard features such as an OS (Windows or Real-Time), a hard drive, memory, and I/O with the option for multicore processors (up to eight cores), increased memory, a solid-state hard drive, and more.

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Fast and Flexible Data Storage Options

National Instruments offers high-speed data-streaming devices that can sustain transfers at 1.6 GB/s for up to 24 terabytes of data. With these products, the PXI platform can address the needs of complex applications such as RF record and playback and IF or baseband streaming. You can use multiple data storage devices to create a system with up to 7.2 GB/s of streaming to and from disk rates with significant storage space.

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