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Standard Service Program (SSP)

Features Agreement

All upgrades to your application software are FREE and sent automatically

One-on-one technical support from our Applications Engineers through phone and e-mail

Free, unlimited on-demand online training

  • Standard Service Program
  • NI Developer Suite
  • Volume License Agreement

For pricing information, or to purchase SSP now, please visit our Online Product Catalog. If you are already an SSP subscriber and would like to transfer your subscription to another user, please print out this form (53 KB PDF) and fax it to (512) 794-5794.

Service Agreement Details

Standard Service Program (SSP)

The Standard Service Program is designed to provide you with the latest software technology through automatic upgrades, and access to a higher level of technical support through phone and e-mail access to NI Applications Engineers. With Standard Service, one user receives all the Standard Service for one copy of NI software for one year. One year of SSP is included with most NI software products. Renew your service every year to continue receiving the benefits of SSP.

NI Developer Suite

NI Developer Suite provides Standard Service for an entire suite of NI software. Subscribers receive our most popular software packages bundled together at an attractive price, with the first year of Standard Service included. Subscribers also receive software updates and can access NI Applications Engineers via phone and e-mail. You can decide which NI Developer Suite edition is right for you at or migrate your existing software to NI Developer Suite with Upgrade Advisor.

NI Volume License Program

The NI Volume License Program is the easiest way to manage Standard Service for multiple software licenses, control costs, and standardization of NI software. Administrators of volume licenses can manage the procurement of new licenses and Standard Service for an entire organization, preventing the need to purchase and manage many individual licenses and service agreements. To track and manage software installation and maximize your software investment, use the NI Volume License Manager included with this service.

Academic Licenses

In addition, National Instruments offers convenient Standard Service options for colleges and universities. For more information, contact your local office or visit our academic site.