NI FlexRIO Third-Party Adapter Modules and Services

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With the NI FlexRIO architecture, both customers and partners can build adapter modules to create custom interfaces to NI LabVIEW FPGA technology. This page lists all NI FlexRIO adapter modules developed by third parties for sale as standard products, along with partners offering design services for custom module development.

1. NI FlexRIO Architecture 

Each NI FlexRIO solution consists of an FPGA Module and an Adapter Module. The FPGA modules feature Xilinx FPGAs which are programmed with the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module. Adapter modules interface directly to the FPGA through up to 132 digital I/O lines at up to 1 Gbps for a total I/O bandwidth of 8.25 GB/s. Users and third parties can develop custom adapter modules through the NI FlexRIO Module Development Kit


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2. Design Services



Our mission at Alfamation is to leverage our scientific passion and knowledge to imagine and create new ways to engineer functional test systems. We do this by challenging the traditional approach to functional test with technology innovations that address the test needs of continually changing markets, in automotive, consumer electronics, telecom and medical.

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Averna is a global test engineering software, solutions, and services company. Averna’s mission is to accelerate electronic product development and improve quality standards for innovative high-tech manufacturers in electronics, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and defense, throughout the design lifecycle of their products.

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Boston Engineering is a design firm with electrical, mechanical, embedded, and software engineers on staff who work together to deliver a complete solution. As a founding member of the NI Qualified Design Partner program, we have specific expertise in motion control, process control, data acquisition, vision, embedded systems, and electro-mechanical machine design in general.

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CertTech is a leading supplier of innovative products, systems and services for safety & mission critical applications, with design & development expertise for electrical, embedded, and software projects. We also have extensive experience in motion control, automated test equipment, data acquisition, vision and embedded systems design. CertTech is a Gold NI Alliance Partner.

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Prevas, a 560 employee listed company, has been delivering unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation, for more than 20 years. By providing niche products and modules together with unparalleled service, Prevas is today acknowledged as the leading company in Scandinavia with respect to product development.

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Custom connectivity, buffering, functionality and access to special FPGA functions are available with a FlexRIO adaptor module (FAM). Viewpoint can design in High speed Digital signals, Analog signals or combinations of both into the FAM. Viewpoint will augment the FAM with enclosures, software, firmware, hardware, and documentation, for a complete solution. Viewpoint has NI recognition as a Platinum Alliance Member, Electronic Design Specialty and Embedded Design Specialty.

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