Archived: Measurement Studio 8.6.1 Bug Fix Information

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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.6 to Measurement Studio 8.6.1.

If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

  1. .NET Class Libraries
  2. Visual C++ Class Libraries
  3. Visual Studio Integration
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.NET Class Libraries

Bug ID Fixed Issue
119291 It is not possible to determine whether an axis range was changed programmatically or interactively for .NET graphs.
127011 Under some circumstances, range division label values for .NET controls are formatted incorrectly.
128046 .NET graph control axis labels do not redraw when you change the custom FormatString while using a custom FormatString for the axis LabelFormat.
132246 If you bind multiple .NET control string properties to a single string network variable, updating a different network variable sets the bound string properties to String.Empty.
138493 Range.Parse(String, IFormatProvider, CultureInfo) throws a runtime exception if the culture parameter is not set to CurrentCulture.
138506 Arc.Parse() cannot parse the string returned by Arc.ToString().
146529 Assigning the XPosition of a cursor to a point with a value of NaN puts the cursor in a bad state.
154249 The encryption algorithm used for Measurement Studio .NET class libraries licensing is not Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant.


Visual C++ Class Libraries

116253 Programmatically changing the background color of a CWNumEdit control that has hidden increment/decrement buttons does not change the background for the entire control until you redraw it.
129864 ControlImage and ControlImageEx may not fill multiple annotations on the CWGraph correctly.
132143 CNiNumEdit and CNiAxis error messages and documentation do not indicate that they support only absolute time and not time spans.
134358 Disconnecting a Visual C++ DataSocket object sometimes results in a crash.
136196 The gridlines (ticks) do not invert when the Inverted checkbox is selected on the Range tab of the CWGraph3D Properties dialog box.
138093 Changing the axis range on a CWGraph with few points causes skewed plot lines.
143046 The clipping region of the CWGraph changed between Measurement Studio versions 8.1.2 and 8.5 to use the plot bounds instead of the graph bounds.


Visual Studio Integration

31091 The Instrument Driver Wizard does not support functions with parameters that are 64-bit integers or 64-bit integer arrays.
31110 The Instrument Driver Wizard does not properly handle .fp files that do not contain a prefix entry within the file.
104534 The Instrument Driver Wizard sometimes creates constants with the same name.
125622 The Instrument Driver Wizard generates an invalid class name when the input file name contains characters that are not valid in a class name.
134441 Installing LabWindows/CVI and Measurement Studio and then uninstalling Measurement Studio can also uninstall shared merge modules, such as CW3DGraph_OCX.msm.
134950 The Instrument Driver Wizard does not publicly expose the instrument C session handle.
140280 The Visual Basic .NET documentation generated by the Instrument Driver Wizard does not conform to Microsoft Help Standards.


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