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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.5 to Measurement Studio 8.6.

If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes in Measurement Studio 8.6

Bug ID Fixed Issue
96837 Fixed an issue where examples that reference .NET hardware class libraries cause Measurement Studio to prompt you to upgrade assembly references.
99334 Fixed an issue where the .NET controls do not persist changes to their Cursor properties.
101538 Fixed an issue where silently installing Measurement Studio to a custom directory fails.
105609 Fixed an issue where the font size of annotation text in the ActiveX graph control decreases after rendering to a device context other than the screen context, such as a printer context.
107630 Fixed an issue with the printed image quality when printing .NET controls that do not use 3D styles.
107860 Fixed an issue where the PreferredSize property of the .NET legend control does not update when new items are inserted.
108205 Fixed an issue where the ActiveX 3D graph sometimes draws too few edges around points on a surface plot. This causes the shapes of the areas surrounding some points to be unnecessarily different than shapes of the areas surrounding other points.
113612 Fixed an issue where non-visible plots in .NET graph controls incorrectly continue to affect axis ranges when using AutoScaleVisible options.
114942 Fixed an issue where Measurement Studio .NET ControlArray-derived controls do not show focus when you select or tab to them.
118146 Fixed an issue where Visual Studio generates an unhandled exception when you close the Designer window for a user control that contains a Measurement Studio control.
118411 Fixed an issue where panning the scatter graph results in the plot looking distorted.


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