Sound and Vibration Software Overview and Feature Comparison

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National Instruments Sound and Vibration Software provides a complete software solution for many acoustics, electroacoustics, noise Vibration Harshness (NVH), and machine condition monitoring (MCM) applications. Based on its open analysis capability and a flexible measurement library, the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit present a unique software-based measurement approach to creating customized applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Sound and Vibration Feature Comparison
  2. Complete Analysis Function List
  3. NI Sound and Vibration Assistant
  4. Additional Resources

1. Sound and Vibration Feature Comparison


Good —

Sound and Vibration Toolkit

Better —

Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite

Best —

Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite + LabVIEW

Application Development Environment
Interactive Analysis on Live Data X X X
Configuration-Based Setup X X X
Code Generation to LabVIEW X X X
Mixed Measurement Test X X X
Application Deployment
With deployment license part number: 779875-35
Test Automation     X
Extensive File IO Formats     X
Analysis Functionality
Level Measurements X X X
Octave Analysis X X X
Spectral Analysis X X X
Frequency Response X X X
Distortion Measurements X X X
Order Analysis   X X
Torsional Vibration   X X
Human Vibration Analysis   X X
Curve Fitting     X
Probability and Statistics     X
Advanced Transforms     X
Differential Equations     X
Sound Quality Analysis     X


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2. Complete Analysis Function List


Better —

Sound and Vibration

Best —

Sound and Vibration
Measurement Suite

File I/O
UFF58 Binary   X   X
Wave (.wav) Files   X   X
Spectral Analysis (with Windowing and Averaging)
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analysis X X X X
Zoom FFT X X X X
Subset FFT   X   X
Peak Search X X X X
Power in Band X X X X
Spectrum Utility VIs   X   X
Frequency Response Function (FRF) X X X X
Coherence   X   X
Cross Spectrum   X   X
Transient Analysis
Short-time Fourier Transform (STFT)   X   X
Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)   X   X
Run-Up and Coast-Down     X X
Acoustic Measurements
Sound Level (Leq, Exponential, Peak, Running Leq) X X X X
1/N Octave X X X X
A-, B-, C- Weighting Filters X X X X
ITU-R 468-4 & Dolby Weighting Filters   X   X
ITU-T 0.41 (CCITT) & Bell System Technical Reference 41009 (C-message) Weighting Filters   X   X
Vibration Measurements
Single and Double Integration X X X X
Vibration Level (RMS, Running RMS, Exponential, Peak, Max-Min, Crest) X X X X
Human Vibration Weighting Filters       X
Audio Measurements
Harmonics X X X X
Distortion (THD, THD+N, SINAD) X X X X
Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) X X X X
Tone Detection X X X X
Spurious-free Dynamic Range (SFDR) X X X X
Crosstalk X X X X
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) X X X X
Swept Sine X X X X
Limit Testing X X X X
Continuous Frequency Sweep (Chirp)       X
Gain and Phase X X X X
Idle-Channel Noise X X X X
Dynamic Range X X X X
AC/DC Level X X X X
Phase Linearity and Group Delay   X   X
Sound Quality Analysis
Stationary Loudness (ISO 532B) and Loudness Level     X X
Time-Varying Loudness       X
Roughness       X
Sharpness     X X
Tonality       X
Fluctuation Strength       X
Order Analysis
Order Power Spectrum     X X
Order Tracking     X X
Order Extraction (Gabor Processing)     X X
Tachometer Processing     X X
Angular Resampling       X
Advanced Analysis
Torsional Vibration       X
Envelope Detection       X
Graphs and Displays
Waterfall Plot X X X X
Octave Plot X X X X
Intensity Plot X X X X
Spectral Map     X X
Bode Plot   X X X
Polar Plot     X X
Orbit Plot     X X
Timebase Plot     X X
Shaft Centerline Plot     X X
Specific Loudness     X X
Data Acquisition
Calibration X X X X
Scale to Engineering Units X X X X
Measure Delay   X   X
Stimulus-Response Test
Broadband X X X X
Single Tone X X X X
Dual Tone X X X X
Discrete Frequency Sweep   X   X
Continuous Frequency Sweep       X
Waveform Generation
Noise (White, Pink)   X   X
Single Tone X X X X
Multi-Tone X X X X
Continuous Frequency Sweep       X


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3. NI Sound and Vibration Assistant

Both software packages include the NI Sound and Vibration Assistant (SVA), interactive software for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and logging acoustic and vibration measurements.


The NI Sound and Vibration Assistant is only available in Sound and Vibration software 2015 or earlier. For interactive dynamic signal generation and analysis, see the free download NI-DSA Soft Front Panels.


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4. Additional Resources

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