Archived: Measurement Studio 8.1.2 Bug Fix Information

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This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments.

The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.1.1 to Measurement Studio 8.1.2.

If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes in Measurement Studio 8.1.2

Component Bug ID Fixed Issue
.NET Class Libraries 4ACDFQ3Q Fixed an issue where the WaveformPlot Clone destination array did not contain a sufficient number of data points.
4C8EL403 Fixed an issue where the background of a control array does not show through when the BackColor of the control or BackColor of the ItemTemplate is set to Transparent.
4BPJ7IDE Fixed an issue where Visual Studio crashes when clicking the smart tag of a digital waveform graph on a Japanese operating system.
44AC6S00 Fixed an issue where Measurement Studio Windows Forms .NET controls leaked memory.
4ARCPMVQ Fixed an issue where using Ctrl-Z after dropping a NumericEdit, LedArray, NumericEditArray, or SwitchArray results in an error message.
49HH773Q Fixed an issue where the scatter graph plot line appears to overshoot actual data value for line widths greater than 1.
4CC9SFOF Fixed an issue where the axes grid lines appear after explicitly setting the grid lines visible property to False.
4D4BF0ZL Fixed an issue where the horizontal gridlines are not aligned with the y-axis tick marks after panning or zooming.
4AECJL71 Fixed an issue where the PrecisionTiming on an analog waveform is overwritten when the Timing property on another analog waveform is set.
4AR9S9OF Fixed an issue where plotting large data sets with the scatter graph control results in inconsistent performance.
4BTHD6VQ Fixed an issue where EngineeringFormatModeEditor does not work when multiple numeric edit controls are selected.
4A0F3BHW Fixed an issue where printing a control that uses a 3D style results in low-quality output.
4CME2ARQ Fixed an issue where the first item in the Format String editor in the Numeric Format Mode editor cannot be selected directly.
4CN9OD3Q Fixed an issue where the PropertyEditor two-way binding fails during design time.
C++ Class Libraries 4CN6TVBU Fixed an issue where creating annotations programmatically takes a long time.


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