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This guide describes how to select a cable or accessory that is compatible with your CompactDAQ Controller or CompactDAQ Chassis. NI provides a wide variety of CompactDAQ Controllers and Chassis. This guide includes the cDAQ-913x Controllers and cDAQ-917x,cDAQ-918x and cDAQ-919x Chassis.

Table of Contents

  1. Depth and Coverage of the CompactDAQ System Accessory Compatibility Guides
  2. Finding Your Cable and Accessory
  3. Additional Resources

1. Depth and Coverage of the CompactDAQ System Accessory Compatibility Guides

While this guide covers a broad range of configurations, it is not intended to cover every potential combination or use case. The most common and recommended solutions are presented. Configurations with known limitations are noted.

This guide is intended to cover current, legacy, and recently obsolete CompactDAQ Controllers and CompactDAQ Chassis and their cable and accessory options. The guide is not intended to cover cable or accessory options for other NI hardware families such as, CompactRIO System or C Series Module

Some cables or accessories from other NI product families may share the same connector or visually appear the same, but typically come with limitations, incompatibilities, or safety concerns. For this reason, unless expressly mentioned in this guide, compatibility with other NI cables and accessories are not covered in this guide and are not recommended.


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2. Finding Your Cable and Accessory

To identify cables and accessories that are compatible with your chassis or controller, first identify the port and connector types on your hardware then follow the relevant links in the table below to see the options. Figure 1 shows the cDAQ-9134 controller as an example to help you identify the ports and connectors on your device.

Note: Figure 1 is using the cDAQ-9134 as an example. Your controller might have the ports and connector on a different location as shown below. As mentioned above this compatibility guide covers cable and accessories for the cDAQ-917x, cDAQ-918x, cDAQ-919x Chassis and cDAQ-913x Controllers. Please refer to your devices user manual for additional information.

Figure 1. CompactDAQ Ports and Connectors (Left: cDAQ-9134, Middle: cDAQ-9189 , Right: cDAQ-9178) .

1. USB Host Ports 4. RJ-45 Ethernet Ports 1 and 2 7. RS-232 Serial Port/RS-485 Port
2. USB Device Port 5. Power Connector 8. PFI 0 (TRIG) Connector
3. XNET Port 6. SD Card Removable Storage 9. Mini DisplayPort Connector


Additional CompactDAQ System Accessories
Mounting Options & Enclosures External Power Supply MXI-Express Cable
Module Immobilization Portability Accessories  


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3. Additional Resources



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