Computer VGA Video Formats Supported by NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS)

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This article discusses the Computer Video Graphics Array (VGA) analog video formats supported by NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) and the legacy VideoMASTER Analyzer.

1. Introduction

VMS and VideoMASTER Analyzer support the VGA analog video format. VGA is similar to the component analog video in that the color is carried over three separate channels, however there is no synchronization information contained on these channels. Instead, synchronization is handled by separate horizontal sync (H-sync) and vertical sync (V-sync) signals.

NI VMS supports the common VESA graphics modes from VGA up to WUXGA. For more information on VMS support for the VGA analog video format, please review the Fundamentals»Supported Video Signals»Computer VGA Signals section of the NI Video Measurement Suite Help.

Note: You can acquire VGA video with VMS or VideoMASTER only through the NI BNC-2178 VideoMUX. Also, some higher VGA resolutions will require an NI scope/digitizer that can acquire more than 100 MS/s. NI recommends the NI 5124.

After you have configured your hardware using the process described in the NI Video Measurement Suite Help at Using NI VMS»Configuring Signal Acquisition»Configuring Acquisition for CAV Signals, you can view the supported Computer VGA video resolutions as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. VGA resolution selection in NI VMS


When configured for Computer VGA, VMS only lists resolutions that conform with the VESA signal standards. If you have a VGA-type video signal that is not one of the listed resolutions, it may be supported in VMS under RGB+HV component video. See Component Video Formats Supported by NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) for information about VMS support for component video standards.

VMS 3.2.1 supports HDTV VGA, RGB+HV, and YUV+HV video signals at 720p or 1080p, but may require an external multiplexer and additional configuration to correctly detect the sync signals for these higher resolutions. See Acquire High-Resolution VGA Signals in NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) for more information.

Note: The Computer VGA format is not supported by NI Analog Video Generator.


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