S-Video Video Formats Supported by NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS)

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This article explains which S-Video analog video formats are supported by NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) and the legacy VideoMASTER Analyzer.

1. Introduction

VMS and VideoMASTER Analyzer support the S-Video analog video format. The S-Video format, sometime referred to as Y/C, splits the luminance and chrominance signals into two separate channels, unlike the composite video format, which contains both signals in one.

S-Video still has an underlying standard such as PAL or NTSC that determines the number of lines per frame, field rate, etc., and for the most part can be tested in a similar fashion. For more information on VMS support for the S-Video video format, please review the Fundamentals»Supported Video Signals»S-Video Signals section of the NI Video Measurement Suite Help.

You can acquire S-Video with VMS or VideoMASTER directly with a supported digitizer like the NI 5122/5124 (one S-Video channel) or through the NI BNC-2178 VideoMUX (up to four S-Video channels). After configuring your acquisition hardware, you can select the underlying video standard to acquire as shown in Figure 1. Note that the SECAM color encoding standard is not supported for either composite or S-Video in NI VMS.


Figure 1. S-Video standards selection in NI VMS

Note: All S-Video formats may not be supported by the NI Analog and Digital Video Generators. Refer to the supporting files for the Analog and Digital Video Generators for more information.


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