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Use this page to find the correct NI .NET API for the version of the NI-DMM driver you have installed.

If this is your first time reaching this page, please visit National Instruments .NET Driver Support to understand the .NET API options NI provides.

NI Native .NET APIs for NI-DMM

The following table shows the correct version of the NI native .NET API to use when writing an application for specific versions of the NI-DMM driver in C# or VB .NET. Applications written using a specific version of the API can be deployed to run on systems on which any of the driver versions listed in the API's row is installed.


Driver Version NI Native .NET API Download Documentation

NI-DMM 18.0 or later

Included in driver installer Refer to NI-DMM help. This is included in the driver installer

NI-DMM 17.5

NI-DMM 17.1

NI-DMM 17.0

NI-DMM .NET Class Library 17.0 (.NET 4.0 & 4.5) NI-DMM .NET API Help for .NET Framework 4.0 & 4.5

NI-DMM 16.0

NI-DMM 15.2

NI-DMM .NET Class LIbraries 15.2 (.NET 4.0) NI-DMM .NET API Help for .NET Framework 4.0

NI-DMM 15.1 

NI-DMM 15.0

NI-DMM 14.0

NI-DMM 3.1

NI-DMM .NET Class Libraries 1.0.3 (.NET 4.0) NI-DMM .NET API Help for .NET Framework 4.0

NI-DMM 3.0.6

NI-DMM .NET Class Libraries 1.0.2 (.NET 4.0) NI-DMM .NET API Help for .NET Framework 4.0

NI-DMM 3.0.5

NI-DMM .NET Class Libraries 1.0.0 (.NET 4.0) NI-DMM .NET API Help for .NET Framework 4.0


Source Code Wrapper APIs for NI-DMM

NI recommends you use an available NI native .NET API instead of using a source code wrapper API. Please read about the differences between NI native .NET APIs and source code wrapper APIs at National Instruments .NET Driver Support. If you must use a source code wrapper API, use the following table to locate the correct version for the version of the NI-DMM driver you are using.

For general programming reference, please refer to driver documentation located here.


Driver Version Source Code Wrapper API Download
NI-DMM 3.0.5 No longer supported.
No new entry points will be added to the wrapper in this version or newer versions.
NI-DMM 3.0.4 .NET Wrapper


Additional Resources

Accessing Modular Instruments Driver Attributes through an NI Native .NET API

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