NI-Industrial Communications for IEC 61850 Known Issues

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This document contains known issues for each version of NI-Industrial Communications for IEC 61850.
Issue ID NI-Industrial Communications for IEC 61850 15.0 and earlier Known Issues

Issue - Changing of data of VISIBLE STRING and OCTET STRING types doesn't trigger GOOSE message in GOOSE control block.

Workaround - N/A.


Issue - Data of user-defined array types which includes another structure array cannot be written/read correctly.

Workaround - N/A.


Issue - The GOOSE message is dropped by the GOOSE control block without warning if the size of GOOSE message exceeds 1517 bytes (the maximum size as defined in the spec).

Workaround - N/A.


Issue - APC is not supported in control model.

Description - Controllable analogue set point (APC) is not supported in the control model. If a client tries to operate APC, it will get the error message of "invalid object value".

Workaround - N/A.


Issue - Reports are only buffered till time-out period of TCP socket in event of connection loss.

Description - According to IEC 61850 specifications, when there is a loss of connection, all reports should be buffered before the connection is re-established. In this version, reports can only be buffered until the time-out period of TCP socket.

Workaround - In "", set the input parameter of "Generate Report" to TRUE. It will queue the report to be sent out.


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