PWM Settings for Motion Controllers

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Note: The instructions contained in this document are for NI-Motion 6.x or earlier. For instructions for NI-Motion 7.0 or later refer to Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for Motion.

To configure the PWM outputs of your motion controller, click the plus sign next to PWM Settings to expand the section.

The right side of the panel will show the following options to configure the clock frequency, units of the duty cycle, value of the duty cycle, and enable or disable the PWM.

Clock Frequency:

If you configure one PWM output for a clock value of 20 kHz, and then a second PWM output for a clock value of 10 kHz, the value of 10 kHz will apply to both PWM outputs. The only exception is when the settings for one of the PWM outputs is 128 times larger than the second PWM output. For example, if PWM output 1 has a clock frequency of 156.25 Hz, PWM output 2 can only have a clock frequency of either 156.25 Hz or 20 kHz.
Load Duty Cycle In:
Duty Cycle:

Click Apply for your new settings to take effect.

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