Gearing Settings for Motion Controllers

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Note: The instructions contained in this document are for NI-Motion 6.x or earlier. For instructions for NI-Motion 7.0 or later refer to Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for Motion.

To configure a master-slave relationship between two axes, click the plus sign next to Gearing Settings to expand the section.

The right side of the panel will show the following options to configure the gear master, gear mode, gearing enabled, and gear ratio for each axis:

Gear Master:

Gearing Mode:

Gearing Enabled:


Gear Ratio for Slave Axis:

For example, with a numerator of 5 and a denominator of 3, the slave will move 5 steps to every 3 steps that the master moves. In this case, the slave will always move 5/3 times farther and faster than the master.

Click Apply and Initialize for your new settings to take effect.

For more information about Electronic Gearing and example programs: Electronic Gearing

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