Electronic Gearing

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1. Description

With electronic gearing, you can configure a relationship between an axis or other resource and another axis. One axis or other resource works as the master and the other axis works as the slave by following the master according to some predefined relationship. Electronic gearing is analogous to the gearing mechanism on a bicycle. The speed of the rear wheel is based on the speed of the crank and the gear ratio between the rear wheel and the crank. The difference is that with electronic gearing, you can change the gear ratio without getting greasy.

FlexMotion controllers support electronic gearing. The FlexMotion controller allows the master resource to be another axis, an encoder, or an ADC. You can set up different gear ratios to create different relationships between the master resource and slave axis, and you can change gear ratios on the fly, making many operations possible that would be impossible using traditional gearing.

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2. Common Applications

Anything involving the need to relate the rotation of one axis, encoder, or other feedback device to another axis.

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